Art Department Professor Launches First in Series of Design Apps

Posted on 8/13/2013 1:26:18 PM

Assistant professor of graphic design Tony DiMauro has published the first in a series of apps aimed at fusing art and technology for creative professionals. Plans are in the works to scale the project to a much larger size under a company DiMauro is forming.

The app, known as “goColor”, was originally created for graphic designers and digital artists to create, organize, and store various color swatches for use in artwork and meetings.

One of the features of goColor is its ability to take a photo of an object in the real world and “extract” its color data for use in Photoshop and other design programs, or to be edited and stored within the app.

DiMauro was solely responsible for the design, programming, and branding of goColor.

“Handling both the design and coding of a piece of software presented a unique challenge: I had to think in both right- and left-brain modes at the same time in order for anything to make sense to the user. It was a large task that took nearly two years to complete,” he said.

goColor is the first of seven apps that will be released in the goDesign series during the summer months over the next couple of years.

DiMauro is partnering with IUP’s Kipp Gallery for an app in the suite that aids artists in the installation of exhibitions. Others in the series include an app that allows artists to organize and promote their artwork in the form of digital portfolios and an app that aids in figure drawing and fashion sketching.

“I wanted to create a series of apps that allow creative professionals to complete everyday tasks just a little easier,” he said. “Since most people are on the go these days, with a number of places to be and people to meet, I also wanted the apps to fit well within the mobile lifestyle.”

Plans are underway for the formation of a company to further develop and update the series. In addition, the series offers free educational opportunities for digital artists and students. DiMauro is working with IUP’s Small Business Development Center to establish the company, which may be launched this summer.

goColor is currently available as a free download on Apple’s iOS App store.

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