Ph.D. Student Wilson Appointed as New Chief Clerk, Director of Administration

Posted on 7/8/2013 11:45:08 AM

Amy WilsonThe Butler County Board of Commissioners recently announced the appointment of Amy Wilson—Administration and Leadership Studies Ph.D. student—as chief clerk/director of Administration.

Prior to her appointment, Amy worked for Butler County as the administrative assistant to County Commissioner A. Dale Pinkerton.  Before that, she was with the Materials Research Society in Warrendale, Pa., where she served as governance secretary to the board of directors and then as technical editor of the society's membership journal.

When asked what this appointment will mean for her and how it will impact the pursuit of her Ph.D., Amy shared that the ALS program is making her a better leader and administrator: "What I learn in class, whether it's social theory, policy analysis, or statistics, I take it to work the next day and put it right to use."

Congratulations to Amy in her new role with Butler County—and best wishes as she continues the pursuit of her Ph.D.!