Witchel to be Guest on Dr. Peter Breggin Radio Show

Posted on 6/25/2013 1:39:22 PM

Bob Witchel, Department of Counseling, will be the guest on the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour on Progressive Radio Network (PRN.FM) on June 26, 2013, at 4:00 p.m.

Peter Breggin, M.D., has been called “the conscience of psychiatry” for his efforts to reform the mental health field, including his promotion of caring, psychotherapeutic approaches and his opposition to the escalating overuse of psychiatric medications, the oppressive diagnosing and drugging of children, electroshock, involuntary treatment, and false biological theories. Witchel will discuss topics such as these with Breggin.

The show can be heard live online at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday. The show will also be archived at this same link.

Bob Witchel is a founding member of the Center for the Study of Empathic Therapy, Education, and Living, created by Dr. Breggin. The center is a new reform organization to continue raising awareness of the damaging effects of biopsychiatry, while encouraging human-centered, humane, workable therapies and counseling for those suffering from human trauma and what is called mental illness.

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