Savova Presents at TESOL 2013 International Convention

Posted on 6/24/2013 11:41:15 AM

Lilia Savova, Department of English, gave three presentations at the TESOL 2013 international convention in Dallas, Texas (March 20–23).

Overview of presentations:

“Using Video to Enhance L2 Speakers’ Conversation Skills”

Focuses on the analysis of conversation structure in ESL textbooks vs. that in authentic conversations. Uses conversation analysis of turn-taking practices to identify significant differences between ESL textbook conversations and authentic conversations. Based on above findings, offers suggestions and exercises to enhance ESL conversation skills.

“Turn-Taking and Repair Practices in Mixed Native-Nonnative Conversation Groups”

Addresses difficulties nonnative speakers (NNS) experience in “jumping in” conversations with native speakers (NS). Presents research on turn-taking and repair practices in videotaped NS/NNS conversations. Reports major differences in the two groups’ turn-taking and repair practices.

“Using Computers to Transcribe and Analyze Video”

Introduces partcipants in this session to Transana, software program for the transcription and analysis of video material. Explains how the program works through a presentation of its main frame which offers audio analysis, text transcription and annotation, video analysis, and data analysis tools. Emphasizes the syncing of text, audio, video, and analytic tools as its most important advantage over the manual processing of video data.

She also helped students with their proposals during a workshop on conference proposal writing.

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