Fennimore Presents Ways of Incorporating Civil Rights Movement in Classrooms

Posted on 6/5/2013 11:42:36 AM

Beatrice Fennimore, Professional Studies in Education, made a presentation at the annual November 2012 meeting of the National Council for the Social Studies in Seattle, Washington. Her presentation was titled “Relevant Exploration of the Civil Rights Movement With Pre-K/Elementary Students.”

This presentation explored ways in which classroom communities can be constructed to support citizenship learning that leads to understanding of the Civil Rights Movement. Further, it offered classroom-based ideas for learning about civil rights through literature, activities, and field trips. The teachers who attended were encouraged to construct all civil rights learning for children around seven themes: 

  • Commitment to a fair and good community
  • Knowledge that your life has a bigger purpose than yourself
  • Dedication to fairness and equal treatment
  • Courage of commitment to what you believe is right and true
  • Caring about others and helping to solve their hurts—including the ones you cause yourself
  • Working very hard to make a better world
  • Creating a legacy—something that will last in the world