Budget Reductions for Fiscal Year 2013–14

Posted on 5/29/2013 9:13:49 AM


As you know from an earlier communication (see General Guidelines Related to Budget Reduction Efforts for Fiscal Year 2013–14) each vice president and the Office of the President were asked to work within their divisions to identify their share of reductions for the 2013–14 fiscal year budget. The total projected shortfall is $5.786 million.

However, central savings and new revenue, including an increase in the Student Services Fee that the Council of Trustees approved in May, reduced the projected shortfall to $3.987 million.

The proposals from the vice presidents and the Office of the President, which include permanent budget reductions totaling $3.987 million to meet this shortfall, have been carefully reviewed, discussed, and accepted.

I want to thank each of the vice presidents and their teams for this important work and for making decisions that preserve our ability to accomplish IUP’s core mission, including academic excellence and student success. These cuts will lead to some delays in response time and may eliminate some activities in each division, but they will not change our primary mission of service to our students.

I am pleased to tell you that, at this point, these strategies also protect IUP’s most important asset: There are no active employee reductions in these proposals.

I encourage you to talk with your divisional leadership about any questions or concerns you may have.

Should the initial assumptions used to develop the 2013–14 fiscal year budget change (enrollment projections, tuition and fee increases, and state appropriations), appropriate adjustments will be made and the divisional budget allocations will be modified to ensure that the university’s budget is balanced. I will notify the university community should that occur.


Michael Driscoll