Price Presents on Read-Alouds in Early Childhood Classrooms

Posted on 5/23/2013 4:12:55 PM

Lisa Hammett Price, associate professor in the Speech-Language Pathology program in the Department of Special Education and Clinical Services, was invited to present at the International Reading Association Convention Research Institute entitled “Reading Research 2013: Next Steps in the Implementation of Common Standards.”

Price copresented with Barbara Bradley, associate professor at the University of Kansas. Their talk was entitled “Read-Alouds in Early Childhood Classrooms: Rethinking Genre and Teacher Talk to Scaffold Children’s Language and Learning.”

The talk provided teachers with methods for providing structural scaffolds and interactive scaffolds to maximize children’s ability to comprehend and use language expressively during read-alouds in the classroom. Teachers left the session with specific ideas for how to change interactions during read-alouds in their classrooms.

Department of Special Education and Clinical Services