OB Sim Lab Receives Help from Bork Family Fund

Posted on 5/16/2013 2:49:37 PM

Bohnen, Palmer, and Bork Family in Sim Lab

One of the IUP nursing simulation labs has received a boost from the Bork Family Fund, administered through the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies.

The grant from the Bork family helped to purchase two simulation manikins in the obstetrics simulation lab in Putt Hall. Members of the family visited the lab on May 15, 2013, during a baby shower-theme open house to celebrate the arrival of the new mother and baby.

In the photo, from left, are Evan Bohnen, associate vice president for Development at IUP; Lisa Palmer, chairperson of the Nursing and Allied Health Department, Debbie Bork; Jessica Bork Borowitz, who is a graduate student in Counseling at IUP; and Dave Bork.

According to Palmer, students who have the chance to train in simulation labs often fare better when they move to on-site clinical experiences required of all Nursing majors. The manikins simulate an actual birth and both manikins are high fidelity allowing simulation of bodily functions such as heart sounds, crying, changes in vital signs, and other key body system functions.