Kerry-Moran and Narey Present a New Approach for Struggling Learners in Reading Areas

Posted on 5/16/2013 1:48:04 PM

Kelli Jo Kerry-Moran, Professional Studies in Education and Marilyn Narey, Curriculum and Instruction doctoral alumna and associate professor at Chatham University, presented a workshop, “Going Multimodal with Reader’s Theater: An Innovative New Approach Combining Effective Differentiated Reading and Writing Strategies to Develop Diverse Learners’ Fluency FOR Comprehension,” at the International Reading Association annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas, on April 20, 2013.

Building upon the positive aspects of traditional reader’s theater and the popularity of comics, graphic novels, and media/technology, this innovative strategy is a comprehensive utilization of differentiated reading and writing, as well as listening, speaking, viewing, and visually representing. During the workshop, participants explored the theoretical base of the multimodal strategy, viewed video clips of real learning events, and engaged in modeling and hands-on experiences. They learned both how and why the strategy works to develop learner’s fluency for comprehension. By taking a different view of a strategy, including why we use it, we can extend our abilities to “make a difference.”

Professional Studies in Education