Bruno and Kramer to Discuss Bullying Behaviors Among Middle School Students

Posted on 5/16/2013 12:52:47 PM

Michelle Bruno and Connie Kramer will be traveling to the Midwest Anti-Bullying Conference at DePaul University on June 5–6, 2013, to present “From the School Yard to Cyber Space: A Follow-Up Study of Bullying Behaviors Amongst Middle School Students.”

This workshop will focus on reviewing the findings from two years of quantitative and qualitative cyber bullying research conducted in Pittsburgh and Chicago middle schools. Specifically, data will be shared from the qualitative-based study centered on the definition of cyber bullying. Focus groups were conducted to better understand middle school students’ experiences with bullying and cyber bullying and their perceptions about plausible barriers and solutions. Details related to the participants, methodology, and results of the investigation will be described. Presenters will discuss implications of this study, including best practices for addressing cyber bullying in middle schools, as well next steps for future research. Exploration of the challenges and successes of these research endeavors, as well as recommendations for training school counselors, will also be examined.

Bruno and Kramer will be joining Melissa Ockerman, professor of counseling at DePaul University, for this informative presentation.

Department of Counseling