Biology, Biology Education, and Food and Nutrition Students Present Research at Pennsylvania University Biologists Meeting

Posted on 4/24/2013 1:05:29 PM

Several students from IUP presented posters and platform presentations at the 44th annual Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists (CPUB) meeting, held at Clarion University on Saturday, April 20, 2013. IUP was well represented by graduate and undergraduate students in all three categories of research included at the meeting: Biology Education; Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology; and Cellular and Molecular Biology.

Research at the 2013 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists meeting

CPUB was founded in 1973 as an organization to provide support for the teaching and research activities of faculty in the biological sciences from the 14 state-owned universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE). Its activities have included scientific meetings, symposia, and institutes for the enhancement of the professional development of its members and associates. It also provides a forum for graduate and undergraduate students for the presentation of their research. The annual meeting rotates through each of the participating universities, and it will be held at Mansfield University in 2014.

In addition to those who presented at the meeting, undergraduate student Alex Miller and Biology faculty members N. Bharathan, Carl Luciano, Josiah Townsend, and Holly Travis attended the meeting. Luciano provided a display of artifacts from Africa, and recruited students and faculty from other PASSHE schools for the Summer 2013 Field Studies in Biology course taking place in Africa.

Presenters at the 2013 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists meeting

Melissa Medina-Flores (and Josiah Townsend) won First Place Graduate Poster for her research poster titled “Uncovering a Relict Lineage of Green Palm-pitvipers (Squamata: Viperidae: Bothriechis) in Northern Honduras.”

Lee Ann New (and Megan Knoch) won Second Place Undergraduate Poster in Cellular/Molecular Biology with her research poster titled “Ethanol Preference in Sexually Deprived Houseflies (Musca domestica).”

Additional students who participated in the 2013 conference included:

Biology Education Graduate/Undergraduate Platform Presentations

Valerie Nowaczyk and Holly Travis: “Teaching Genetics/Evolution in the 7th Grade Classroom”

Michelle Myers-Claypole and Holly Travis: “Assessing the Effectiveness of a Student Teacher in a High School Biology II Class”

George E. Tickerhoof III and Holly Travis: “Effectiveness of Instruction During a Genetics Unit in a Ninth and Tenth Grade Biology Classroom”

Ecology/Evolution/Organismal and Cellular/Molecular Graduate Student Platform Presentations

Tobechukwu Ukah and Cuong Diep: “Generation of a Zebrafish Transgenic Line to Characterize Kidney Injury and Regeneration”

Cellular and Molecular Biology Graduate/Undergraduate Posters

Hopeton Bailey, Josiah Racchini, and N. Bharathan: “Are Our Foods Genetically Modified?”

Lauren Comunale, Hannah Cornman, Shan Min Chin, Chin Hong Siew, and N. Bharathan: “Plasmid DNA Analysis of Cloned dsRNA Fragments From a Selected Isolate of Rhizoctonia solani

Matt Grassi, Colleen Trostle, Kelsey Hayden, Shan Min Chin, Chin Hong Siew, and Seema Bharathan: “cDNA Synthesis and Cloning of Tomato Mosaic Viral RNA (ToMV) Using One-step Nested RT-PCR”

Jun Soo Park, Kristy Anthony, Shan Min Chin, Chin Hong Siew, Seema Bharathan, and N. Bharathan: "Protein on a Chip: Analysis of Proteins from Select Isolates of Rhizoctonia solani"  

Posters at the 2013 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists meeting

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