Employees Recognized at Annual Service Awards Luncheon

Posted on 4/23/2013 4:33:55 PM

Yesterday, April 23, several IUP employees were recognized for their years of service to the university. 

40 Years of Service

Mr. Crawford W. Johnson, Developmental Studies
Miss Elaine M. White, Mathematics
service 40
Crawrford Johnson and President Driscoll

35 Years of Service

Dr. James A. Dyal, Economics
Mr. Stephen C. Rebovich, Cogeneration Plant
Ms. Terry A. Rittenberger, IUP Libraries
Dr. Martha A. Troxell, Finance and Legal Studies
Stephen Rebovich and President Driscoll

30 Years of Service

Mrs. Denise L. Baker-Simon, Procurement Services
Mrs. Kristin M. Berezansky, Office of the Registrar
Mr. Kenneth E. Ciroli, Communications and Marketing
Dr. Linda M. Hall, Student Affairs in Higher Education
Ms. Lora J. Herrick, Housing, Residential Living, and Dining
Dr. Mary Beth Leidman, Communications Media
Dr. Randall P. McCauley, Criminology
Ms. Patricia B. McDowell, Professional Studies in Education
Dr. Robert J. Mutchnick, Criminology
Mrs. Ruth A. Phillippi, Custodial Services
Mr. Daniel L. Rodack, Custodial Services
Mrs. Beverly J. Rossiter, Nursing and Allied Health Professions
Dr. John F. Taylor, Geoscience
Ms. Joy L. Vig, Office of the Bursar
From the left, Kristin Berezansky, Patricia McDowell, Dee Baker Simon, Daniel Rodack, Ken Ciroli, Mary Beth Leidman, President Driscoll, and Lora Herrick

25 Years of Service

Dr. Madan M. Batra, Marketing
Dr. Raymond W. Beisel, IUP Punxsutawney
Mrs. Elaine M. Berringer, Alumni Relations
Dr. Donald W. Buckwalter, Geography and Regional Planning
Dr. Carol L. Caraway, Philosophy
Mr. Frank V. Carrozza Jr., Environmental Health and Safety
Mr. Terrance E. Clabaugh, Student Co-op
Mrs. Janet M. Clawson, IUP Libraries
Mr. Brent R. Culp, Cogeneration Plant
Ms. Karen J. Davis, MBA Program, Eberly College of Business and Information Technology
Dr. Gary J. Dean, Adult and Community Education
Mrs. Alisa L. DeStefano, Financial Aid
Dr. H. Edward Donley, Mathematics
Mr. Robert J. Dunlop, Procurement Services
Ms. Kimberly A. Dunlop, Financial Accounting
Mr. Robert J. Elias, Athletic Facilities
Dr. Beatrice S. Fennimore, Professional Studies in Education
Dr. John C. Ford, Chemistry
Mr. Gregory L. Foster, IT Services
Mr. Mark A. Geletka, Facilities Management
Ms. Denise R. Gryczuk, History
Mrs. Ruth I. Houser, Accounts Payable
Mr. William F. King, Custodial Services
Ms. Kate R. Linder, Center for Student Life
Dr. Jay A. Mills, Psychology
Ms. Frances Nee, Intercollegiate Athletics
Dr. Phillip D. Neusius, Anthropology
Dr. Muhammad Z. Numan, Physics
Mrs. Ann L. Oberdorf, Health and Physical Education
Ms. Doris J. Peiffer, Custodial Services
Mr. Jeffrey M. Perkovich, Public Safety/University Police
Dr. Bennett A. Rafoth, English
Dr. Carl J. Rahkonen, Music Library
Mr. Mark H. Rice, IT Services
Mrs. Barbara A. Ritts, Office of the Budget
Mrs. Lisa M. Shick, Center for Health and Well-Being
Mrs. Judith L. Simpson, Grants & Special Funds
Dr. John F. Sitton, Political Science
Mr. Dennis K. Snyder, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Mr. Barry R. Sprankle, Electric Shop
Mr. Mark J. Staron, Maintenance
Dr. Jay Start, Communications Media
Dr. Devki N. Talwar, Physics
Dr. Meghan Twiest, Professional Studies in Education
Ms. Shirley L. Wachob, IUP Academy of Culinary Arts
Mr. Dwayne E. Zimmerman, IT Services
Dr. Susan T. Zimny, Psychology
service 25
Row 1: Alisa DeStefano, Frank Carrozza, Shirley Wachob, Elaine Berringer, Denise Gryczuk, Judith Simpson, President Driscoll
Row 2: Carl Rahkonen, Barbara Ritts, Gregory Foster, Ann Oberdorf, Susan Zimny
Row 3: Gary Dean, Meghan Twiest, Mark Staron, H. Edward Donley, Dwayne Zimmerman
Row 4: Lisa Shick, Frances Nee, Mark Rice, Robert Elias, Jay Start
Row 5: Ruth Houser, Kimberly Dunlop, Kate Linder, Brent Culp, Mark Geletka
Row 6: Jeffrey Perkovich, Karen Davis, Jay Mills, Robert Dunlop, Phillip Neusius

20 Years of Service

Dr. Francisco E. Alarcón, Mathematics
Dr. Maali H. Ashamalla, Management
Mrs. Sandra D. Beck, Financial Aid
Dr. Fredalene B. Bowers, Human Development and Environmental Studies
Dr. William M. Brenneman, Biology
Dr. Daniel A. Burkett, Mathematics
Dr. Wendy K. Carse, English
Dr. Stanley L. Chepaitis, Music
Mrs. Hilary L. DeMane, IUP Academy of Culinary Arts
Mr. Christopher T. Edwards, Custodial Services
Ms. Michele L. Fatora, Central Storeroom/Inventory Control
Dr. Sharon M. Franklin-Rahkonen, History
Ms. Michelle S. Fryling, Communications and Marketing
Dr. James E. Gibson, Religious Studies
Dr. D. Alex Heckert, Sociology
Dr. Melvin A. Jenkins, Developmental Studies
Mr. Terry J. Jones, Plumbing Shop
Dr. Lawrence Kupchella, Chemistry
Dr. Sally M. McCombie, Human Development/Environmental Studies
Miss Mary K. McGaughey, Custodial Services
Ms. Vickie A. Morganti, Music
Dr. Stanford G. Mukasa, Journalism
Dr. Linda C. Norris, English
Ms. Therese D. O’Neil, Computer Science
Dr. Virginia A. Perdue, English
Mr. Anthony D. Perman, Electric Shop
Dr. Louis J. Pesci, Health and Physical Education
Ms. Vickie L. Respet, IUP Libraries
Dr. Laura H. Rhodes, Safety Sciences
Ms. Jill K. Risinger, Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment
Dr. Daniel D. Sadler, Psychology
Dr. Lilia P. Savova, English
Ms. Mary K. Smelko, Payroll Services
Mr. Robert L. Snyder, IT Services

15 Years of Service

Mr. John L. Bish, Custodial Services
Mr. Douglas D. Campbell, Public Safety/University Police
Mrs. Kyle M. Campbell, University Events
Dr. Beverly M. Chiarulli, Anthropology
Mrs. Erika A. Cooper, Center for Career and Technical Personnel Preparation
Mr. Kenneth Covatch, IUP Punxsutawney
Dr. Laura L. Delbrugge, Foreign Languages
Ms. Linda S. Dickie, Foreign Languages
Dr. Alan D. Eastman, Finance and Legal Studies
Mrs. Jill A. Eckenrode, Housing, Residential Living, and Dining
Dr. Susan E. Fello, Professional Studies in Education
Dr. Robert D. Hinrichsen, Biology
Mr. Robert N. Howells, Custodial Services
Dr. Anne E. Kondo, Chemistry
Ms. Lynda L. LaRoche, Art
Mrs. Irene R. Markel, Custodial Services
Mr. J. Douglas Miller, Facilities Operations
Mr. Robert F. Mock, Custodial Services
Dr. Bharathan Narayanaswamy, Biology
Ms. Annette T. Olesen, PA/OHSA Consultation Program
Dr. Michele L. Petrucci, International Education
Mr. Barry D. Pisarcik, Maintenance
Dr. Susan G. Poorman, Nursing and Allied Health Professions
Dr. Shari A. Robertson, Special Education and Clinical Services
Dr. Helen C. Sitler, English
Mr. Bradley C. Smith, IT Services
Dr. Jonathan B. Smith, Health and Physical Education
Mrs. Tammy L. Snyder, Custodial Services
Dr. Gwen B. Torges, Political Science
Mr. Frank A. Wannett, Custodial Services
Mrs. Deborah J. Wardo, Human Resources
Dr. Veronica T. Watson, English

10 Years of Service

Dr. Francis Allard, Anthropology
Dr. John A. Anderson, Sociology
Mrs. Celia M. Barber, Special Education and Clinical Services
Mr. Stephen W. Biss, Custodial Services
Mrs. Julie Orendorff Brunetto, Health and Physical Education
Ms. Susan L. Buffone, Accounts Payable
Mr. Brian S. Carothers, IT Services
Mrs. Faye E. Catlos, Center for Career and Technical Personnel Preparation
Dr. Stephanie B. Caulder, Music
Mrs. Phyllis J. Cavallo, Custodial Services
Mrs. Michele C. Corcoran, IUP Libraries
Mr. Louis G. Eleuteri, Grounds
Dr. Soundararajan Ezekiel, Computer Science
Dr. Waleed Ezzat Farag, Computer Science
Dr. Anthony G. Farrington, English
Dr. Dighton M. Fiddner, Political Science
Ms. Rosalie R. Fornari, Custodial Services
Dr. Jeffrey J. Fratangeli, College of Education and Educational Technology
Dr. Jennifer L. Gossett, Criminology
Mrs. Holly L. Griffith, Eberly College of Business and Information Technology
Dr. David I. Hanauer, English
Dr. Lourdes L. Herold, Chemistry
Mr. Gregory M. Hill, IT Services
Mrs. Stacy L. Hopkins, Financial Aid
Mr. Gary J. Jones, Mason Shop
Dr. Irene Kabala, Art
Ms. Kimberly A. Kucinski, Center for Health and Well-Being
Mrs. Vicki L. Kundla, Custodial Services
Mr. Michael L. Lezanic, Electric Shop
Dr. J. Beth Mabry, Sociology
Dr. Mary C. MacLeod, Philosophy
Mr. Wilfred J. McCombie, Custodial Services
Mrs. Megan A. McCue, Admissions
Dr. Sean M. McDaniel, Foreign Languages
Ms. Lynnan Mocek, Office of the Provost
Dr. R. Scott Moore, History
Dr. Kelli Jo Moran, Professional Studies in Education
Dr. Jean Nienkamp, English
Dr. Michele R. Papakie, Journalism
Ms. Suzanne Perry, Custodial Services
Dr. David M. Piper, Employment and Labor Relations
Mr. Michael L. Porada, Public Safety/University Police
Dr. Todd B. Potts, Economics
Mr. Nathan H. Santos, Music
Mr. David T. Schrecengost, Mason Shop
Dr. Rosemary Shumba, Computer Science
Mrs. Emily A. Smeltz, Annual Giving
Dr. David T. Smith, Computer Science
Ms. Teresa M. Spearman, Chemistry
Miss Hilary G. Staples, Geography and Regional Planning
Dr. Jianfeng Wang, MIS and Decision Sciences
Dr. Lucinda L. Willis, Technology Support and Training
Dr. David B. Yerger, Economics