Lothian Publishes on Digital Humanities

Posted on 4/15/2013 11:02:34 AM

Alexis Lothian’s peer reviewed publication, “Can Digital Humanities Mean Transformative Critique?” coauthored with Amanda Phillips, just came out in the open access online Journal of e-Media Studies special issue on Computational Cultures After the Cloud.

What would digital scholarship and the humanities disciplines be like if they centered around processes and possibilities of social and cultural transformation as well as institutional preservation? If they centered around questions of labor, race, and gender and justice at personal, local, and global scales? If their practitioners considered not only how the academy might reach out to underserved communities, but also how the kinds of knowledge production nurtured elsewhere could transform the academy itself? Exploring the conversations that have centered around the Twitter hashtag #transformDH in the past two years, this essay argues that such questions are not hypothetical and that these digital humanities already exist. With the intention of inspiring further work in a similar vein, we offer a curated list of projects, people, and collaborations that suggest the possibilities of a transformative digital humanities.

Department of English