Geoscience Wins Awards at IUP Undergraduate Scholars Forum

Posted on 4/9/2013 10:54:12 AM

Fourteen Geoscience students presented their undergraduate research projects at the eighth annual IUP Undergraduate Scholars Forum on April 2, 2013. Congratulations go to all of our students for representing the themselves and the department so well. Congratulations also goes to Kellie Kerner, W. David Watkins, Joy Kiefer and Daniel O’Hara for taking home awards.

Geoscience students at Undergraduate Scholars Forum

Geoscience Participants (Awards):

  • Aaron Blair: “Stream Remediation as an Essential Component to Healthy Watersheds”
  • Aaron Brownley: “Unconventional Resources in the Appalachian Basin: Understanding the Utica Shale”
  • Zachary Carr: “Total Dissolved Solids in Twolick Creek Watershed”
  • James Harley: “Defining the Time Interval for the Formation of Pedestal Craters on Mars”
  • John Kearney: “Refinement of Species Within the Lower Ordovician trilobite Genus Bellefontia”
  • Kellie Kerner: “Sedimentological Analysis of the Black River Bay” (NSM Best Poster Award)
  • Joy Kiefer: “Species Diversity of the trilobite Genus Paraplethopeltis in the Manitou Formation of Colorado and El Paso Group of New Mexico” (Sigma Xi Best Science Poster, Third Place)
  • Erin McGowan: “GIS Analysis of Bathymetric Data and Accumulation Rates in Yellow Creek Lake”
  • Nicole Dawn Mountain: “Investigating the Seasons” A New Method in Teaching Science”
  • Daniel O’Hara: “Bootstraps and Planar Regression: An Algorithm to Identify Possible Faults Using Background Seismicity” (Sigma Xi Best Science Poster, Second Place)
  • Adam Quinn: “Correlating Levels of Salt and Metal Contamination in the Beaver Run Reservoir to Hydraulic Fracturing of Nearby Marcellus Drill Site Locations”
  • Matthew Toland: “Interpretation of Mass Transport Deposits on the East Scotian Rise, Eastern Canada”
  • Anthony Vaiana: “Estimating the Amount of Total Organic Carbon in Devonian Shales of the Appalachian Basin Using Wireline Logs: A Case Study from Eastern Kentucky”
  • W. David Watkins: “Small-Scale Folding Related to Detachment Tectonics - Northern Snake Range, NV”(NSM Best Poster Award)

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