Student Technology Association Visits AlphaLab in Pittsburgh

Posted on 4/8/2013 7:28:34 PM

Students visiting AlphaLabIn an effective networking event for aspiring entrepreneurs, three students in the Student Technology Association (STA) visited AlphaLab for their periodic Open Coffee Club event in Pittsburgh, Pa. on April 4, 2013.

AlphaLab is a state-funded program that accepts 12 local start-up companies each year to mentor, supply office space, and provide $25,000 in capital in exchange for 5 percent common stock. 

The Open Coffee Club event was started to allow local entrepreneurs, developers, and investors to network with each other and share ideas in short demos. Students were able to relax while talking with the start-up owners and watching their 30-second demos.

“Our trip to AlphaLab was a very exciting opportunity for our members to learn about groundbreaking new startup companies in Pittsburgh. Every entrepreneur we met had an incredible story to tell,” said Krutarth Patel, president of STA. 

AlphaLab has helped mentor local companies like Resumator, NoWait, Shoefitr, Black Locus, AutoRef, FutureDerm, ActivAided Orthotics, and Insurance Zebra.

The trip allowed students to gain insight on what it takes to start a business while simultaneously networking with optimistic professionals who wished to help them succeed in the business industry. 

—By Katlyn Glaser