Education and School Psychology Alumni Present Research at NASP Conference

Posted on 4/3/2013 3:16:01 PM

Each year, a number of faculty members, students, and alumni from the Department of Educational and School Psychology contribute presentations at the annual National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) conference. The mission of the NASP is to empower school psychologists by developing effective practices to improve students’ mental health, behavior, and learning.

This year, nine alumni from the Department of Education and School Psychology presented 16 presentations at the NASP Conference held in Seattle, Washington, on February 12-15, 2013. The department would like to recognize these nine alumni and their presentations.

Dr. Leigh Armistead, D.Ed.

  • Ethical issues in School Psychology Graduate Preparation
  • The Ethics Committee’s Dilemmas: Responding to Questions from the Field
  • Emerging Ethical Challenges in the 21st Century

Dr. Laura M. Crothers, D.Ed.

  • Relational and Social Aggression and Reflective Processing in Late Adolescence
  • Identity Cognitive Processing and Relational and Social Aggression in Adolescence

Dr. Susan C. Davies, D.Ed.

  • Preparation of School Psychologist to Serve English Language Learning Students
  • School-Based Training and Consultation to Improve concussion Awareness
  • Neuroimaging Technology and TBI: What Am I Looking At?

Dr. Francis DeMatteo, D.Ed.

  • Families of Students with Autism: A Resource-Based Transition Program

Dr. Steven G. Feifer, D.Ed.

  • Using Cognitive Neuropsychology to Develop Evidence-Based Reading, Writing, and Math Interventions
  • The Neuropsychology of Mathematics: Diagnosis and Intervention

Dr. David J. Lilenstein, D.Ed.

  • The Role of the School Psychologist in RTI Data Analysis Teaming

Dr. Andrea B. Rodriguez, D.Ed.

  • Improving cultural Competency through Understanding Stereotype Threat and Microagressions

Dr. Denise Rogers Foley, D.Ed.

  • School Psychologists Lead with Research: Predicting High-Stakes Performance with M-CBM

Dr. Richard W. VanVoorhis, D.Ed.

  • The SSTP Parenting Program for the ASD Population
  • Work Values of School Psychologists: Finding the Right Employment Fit

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