Geoscience Wins Best Posters at NSM Women in Mathematics, Science, and Technology

Posted on 4/3/2013 11:54:51 AM

Three women Geoscience students, along with Katie Farnsworth, presented their undergraduate research projects at the Natural Sciences and Mathematics annual Women in Mathematics, Science, and Technology celebration. Congratulations go to Joy Kiefer and Kellie Kerner for winning Best Undergraduate Poster first and second place, respectively.

This event has women from throughout the college presenting their independent research projects in poster format. The women talked with others from across the college and university about their research methods and findings.

Geoscience Participants:

  • Kellie Kerner: “Sedimentological Analysis of the Black River Bay”
  • Joy Kiefer: “Species Diversity of the trilobite Genus Paraplethopeltis in the Manitou Formation of Colorado and El Paso Group of New Mexico”
  • Erin McGowan: “GIS Analysis of Bathymetric Data and Accumulation Rates in Yellow Creek Lake”
  • Katie Farnsworth: “Fluvial Line Source Delivery to the US West Coast Margin”