Important Notice Regarding School of Graduate Studies Implementation of iTHenticate

Posted on 3/14/2013 9:22:12 AM

The School of Graduate Studies and Research (SGSR) will now utilize software to check for plagiarism in theses and dissertations submitted to the SGSR. Plagiarism is defined in the IUP Academic Integrity Policy in section II.A.3.

On February 26, 2013, the IUP Senate approved SGSR implementation of iThenticate plagiarism detection software. iThenticate can accept large documents, and it does not add your work to its searchable databases. The Q&A below should help you understand how iThenticate is being implemented at IUP. If you have any questions, please e-mail

  • When will the SGSR implement this plagiarism detection software?
    • Use of iThenticate will commence immediately for all theses and dissertations submitted to the SGSR.
  • How will my thesis/dissertation be reviewed with iThenticate?
    • When you send your thesis/dissertation to the SGSR for review, we will upload it to iThenticate (visit our website for more information about deadlines and review process details). The iThenticate software will compare your document to over 32 billion webpages and 125 million content items, including 34 million published works. iThenticate will automatically generate a report flagging sections of the thesis/dissertation that bear some percentage of similarity to published content. Each student will be sent an electronic copy of the iThenticate report along with the other formatting documents already sent by the SGSR. The SGSR will carefully review the report produced by iThenticate and notify the student of possible missed citations and trivial errors. If it appears that there is a significant amount of potentially plagiarized material, the student, committee chair, graduate coordinator, and assistant dean for Research will be notified for further investigation and for possible noncompliance with the university Academic Integrity Policy.
  • Will each quote and/or citation in my thesis/dissertation be flagged?
    • No. The iThenticate software allows the SGSR to set filters to exclude quotations and bibliographic information.
  • Will my thesis/dissertation be added to an iThenticate database?
    • No. Your thesis/dissertation will not be added to any iThenticate databases during the review process.
  • Can I check my thesis/dissertation with iThenticate before the SGSR does so?
    • Unfortunately, the SGSR’s iThenticate license does not provide enough submissions for students to check their work.