Park Joins Teacher Identity Research Panel

Posted on 3/13/2013 6:30:01 PM

Gloria Park, assistant professor of English and director of the M.A. TESOL program, has been invited to join a panel of TESOL teacher education scholars at the International TESOL Convention in Dallas, Texas, in March 2013.

The colloquium panel focuses on “Teacher Identity Research Today: Implications for Teacher Education.”

Other invited presenters are Suhanthie Motha and Manka Varghese from the University of Washington, and John Trent from the City University of Hong Kong.

A Brief Summary of the Colloquium

Recent research on language teachers’ identity construction have largely taken a sociocultural view on identity, framing the construct as dynamic, multiple, and negotiated. In light of this new view on identity, in this presentation we take a look at language teacher identity research today, explore teacher identity from multiple vantage points (both geographic as well as psychological/social), and discuss the implications of language teacher identity research findings for teacher education.

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