IUP Announces Fleet Transition Program

Posted on 3/12/2013 11:13:29 AM

IUP will begin to phase-out its auto fleet beginning on June 30, 2013, when the oldest, highest-mileage fleet vehicles will be retired from the fleet. Twelve remaining vehicles from the IUP fleet will continue in service through June 30, 2014, at which time the entire fleet will be eliminated. Priority of use for the 12 remaining vehicles will be to support the academic mission during the period July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014.

Travelers who routinely use the IUP auto fleet vehicles will need to turn to alternate transportation for their official university business travel needs. Alternative methods include use of personal vehicle (always an option, but perhaps not the most efficient one) and Enterprise-Rent-A-Car (Enterprise) program. Records show that many IUP employees have already been taking advantage of the existing contract with Enterprise; for instance, in FY 2011/2012, more than 200 vehicles were rented from Enterprise alone for IUP business.

Why is this Transition Good for IUP Business Travelers?

There are many positive reasons why obtaining a vehicle from Enterprise for conducting official university business makes sense. Below are a few:

  • Risk Avoidance – The liability of using Enterprise versus an IUP fleet vehicle shifts from IUP to Enterprise. All options and insurance fees are included in the rental agreement, so additional coverage for employees on business travel is not needed.
  • Convenience and Flexible Accommodations – An Enterprise vehicle can be reserved from any Enterprise store in the IUP business area. If a traveler, for instance, lives in Murrysville, a car can be rented and picked up in that vicinity.
  • Guaranteed Reservations – There are no “higher priority” travelers who can bump your reservation at the last minute.
  • Newer Equipment – Enterprise maintains an inventory of new vehicles.
  • Wider Variety of Vehicles – Enterprise can offer cars, compact cars, mini vans, cargo vans, SUVs, and trucks.
  • Roadside Assistance – Enterprise uses their vast network of franchises to accommodate roadside assistance closest to where you are having trouble.
  • Relaxed Use Policy – An employee using Enterprise is not subjected to the rules for Commonwealth-owned vehicles.

Employees interested in using Enterprise should consult the IUP Travel website for information on rental services and instructions for arranging a rental vehicle. The links for the rental rates are provided under the Vehicle Options paragraph: Enterprise Rates and National Car Rental Rates. Also found under the Vehicle Option paragraph is the link “Enterprise Calculator,” which will provide a cost for renting a vehicle and the ability to rent the vehicle online from Enterprise or National. Please contact Carol Ramer (724-357-7999) or Ruth Houser (724-357-6242) for the IUP corporate ID number and PIN prior to accessing the calculator.

You can also rent a vehicle by calling the Enterprise office at 724-465-5944, but you must obtain the IUP Corporate ID number and PIN from the IUP Travel Office to receive contract pricing for IUP.


Q. Will there be any IUP fleet vehicles available for employee use after June 30, 2013?

A. Yes. There will be 12 IUP vehicles for official university business between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014. All official business conducted within the Academic Division will have first priority to the use of these 12 vehicles.

Q. After June 30, 2014, will there be any IUP fleet vehicles available for official use?

A. No. After June 30, 2014, the IUP fleet will cease to exist.

Q. How do I arrange for ground transportation after the IUP fleet is gone?

A. The traveler arranges for a rental vehicle directly with Enterprise via the Web links on the IUP Travel Office site. You must receive a contract number and code from the IUP Travel Office to give to Enterprise. After receiving permission from your supervisor for the official trip, you only need to use the IUP Travel Office-supplied code to arrange for your rental car. Payment for the rental car may be made by IUP Travel Card, personal credit card (reimbursed on your Travel Reimbursement Request) or directly billed to your cost center by Enterprise.

Q. What are the rules for using a rental car on official university business?

A. Your supervisor should first authorize your travel. Then, make arrangements with Enterprise for your travel and follow the rules of the rental agreement. When your trip is completed, your travel card, personal credit card, or cost center will be billed for the expense.

Q. Will my personal auto insurance be affected when renting an Enterprise vehicle for IUP business?

A. No. The Commonwealth has negotiated the terms and conditions of the rental agreement with Enterprise. Insurance and all fees are included in the rental price.

Q. Can I use the gas at the IUP Robertshaw gas pumps to fill my rental car before returning it to the rental agency?

A. No. Using fuel from the IUP Robertshaw gas pumps is not permitted for a rental car. You must, however, fuel your rental car at any commercial fueling station before returning the car to Enterprise, or you may return the car and let the rental agency fuel the car. Of course, you will be billed more for having the rental company fuel the rental car.

Q. Will the IUP Automotive Department help or assist if there is a problem with the rental car?

A. No. The IUP Automotive Department personnel will not be able to help with any issues you may encounter with an Enterprise vehicle.

Q. Does Enterprise have any programs to rent cars on a longer term basis?

A. Yes. You must contact Enterprise to discuss your specific needs.

Q. How old does a driver need to be in order to rent or drive a rental car?

A. Drivers must be 21 years of age to rent or drive a passenger vehicle. Drivers of full-sized 12- or 15-passenger vans must be 25 years of age or older.

Q. Do I need to use the Enterprise company closest to IUP?

A. No. You can use any Enterprise company that is most convenient for you.

Q. Who can help me with any issues that I might have with Enterprise?

A. The IUP Procurement Office (724-357-3077) is the local contact with Enterprise and is authorized to help with contractual issues.

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