Six O’Clock Series Recap: “Leaving Your Legacy,” February 25

Posted on 2/27/2013 3:38:55 PM

Alumnus Tom Baker encouraged students to leave a legacy during this week’s Six O’Clock Series event on February 25, 2013.

The program started out with Baker introducing himself and sharing a little bit about himself to the audience. He then incorporated the audience into the presentation, asking questions about what organizations students are involved in, and what ways are they trying to help the community by leadership. Audience members included student leaders from P.O.I.Z. Modeling Group, Delta Zeta Sorority, the Criminology Association, and other group. Students identified many ways in which being involved in campus life helped them personally, including areas of time management, learning from others, and building friendships.

A very fun part of the series was the interactive game played with the audience called Link. Baker started out by telling facts about himself, and as soon as someone had something in common with him, they would yell “Link” and come up to the front and link arms with him. They would then start saying facts about themselves until someone else yelled “Link,” and the game continued. This was a great way to learn more about the people in the room and to engage the audience into the presentation. Using this example of networking, Baker challenged the audience to get involved. “If you could spend 30 minutes in someone’s office, whose office would you want to visit?” and “Learn who the people are that are currently doing the things you want to do” were among the messages he had for students.

Tom Baker, M.A., is the chief community affairs officer for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh. After serving as vice president of Programs for BBBS and leading a gold-standard, award-winning program staff for three years, Tom transitioned into his new role in September 2011. He is president of Baker Leadership and the author of three books: Get Involved! Making the Most of Your 20s and 30s (released 2008), Give Our Passion (released 2010), and Empowered in Pittsburgh (released 2012). Tom is a 2005 IUP Student Affairs in Higher Education alumnus.

Tom Baker of Baker Leadership can be reached on Facebook.

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