Richburg Awarded Funds Through College Technology Initiative

Posted on 2/25/2013 2:46:56 PM

Cynthia RichburgCynthia McCormick Richburg, associate professor in the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology program, was awarded $29,000 through the College of Education and Educational Technology’s 2012–2013 Technology College Initiative.

Her project will allow the audiology clinic in the Speech-Language Pathology program to obtain equipment to perform auditory evoked potentials, otoacoustic emission testing, and sound-level readings. These non-invasive and objective test measurements allow audiologists to test hearing thresholds in difficult-to-test patients (e.g., very young children, mentally challenged persons, malingerers) and in patients suspected of neurological and developmental disorders (e.g., acoustic tumors, multiple sclerosis, learning disorders, autism).

The equipment will be used for teaching, clinical, and research purposes. They will allow Richburg to present hands-on demonstrations in classes and hearing clinics, and to evaluate adults and children from the community who need neurodiagnostic auditory testing. In addition, this equipment will open doors to research studies with the pediatric populations, including those who may have central auditory processing disorders or autism spectrum disorders.

The acquisition of this equipment will further the mission of the IUP Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic and the Special Education Department.