Park to Present in Colloquiums on Multilingual Writers and Teachers

Posted on 2/21/2013 4:26:40 PM

Gloria ParkAssistant professor of English Gloria Park, along with Composition and TESOL Ph.D. students Ann Amicucci, Alice Lee, Melissa Lee, and Kathleen Vacek, will present at the American Association of Applied Linguistics conference in Dallas, Texas, in March 2013.

Their colloquium panel focuses on “Negotiating the Language of a Globalized Academy: Preparing Multilingual Writers and Teachers to Embrace the World Englishes Paradigm.”

A Brief Summary of the Colloquium: In a globalizing world, academics must examine the ways in which English is perceived, learned, taught, and used in disciplinary communities. Grounded in the World Englishes paradigm, the panelists discuss how multilingual writers construct and negotiate identities through “performing” digital literacies, code-meshing, writing center tutorials, and academic writing and publishing.

In addition, Park and fellow applied linguistics scholars Sedef Smith, Lisya Seloni, Mary Jane Curry, and Christine Casanave will present at the International TESOL Convention in Dallas, Texas, in March 2013. The colloquium panel will focus on “Multilinguals Navigating Advanced English Literacies in Higher Education.”

This panel explores aspects of advanced academic literacies, ways of engaging with academic texts, and activities in higher education. The presenters will share findings from studies that showcase how multilingual graduate students and scholars participate in and navigate advanced literacy texts and contexts, and particularly writing, in English.