Chemistry Students Perform Magic at Apollo Ridge Elementary

Posted on 2/20/2013 2:03:35 PM

chemical magic demonstration at Apollo Ridge Middle SchoolOn Friday, February 15, 2013, IUP students from Alpha Chi Sigma and the ACS Student Affiliate performed a chemical magic demonstration at Apollo Ridge Middle School.

What’s more exciting than a magic show? A chemical magic show! On February 15, Alpha Chi Sigma and the American Chemical Society Student Affiliate took five students to the Apollo Ridge Elementary school to perform “magic” experiments for the third grade classes.

This is a new project that the student chemistry organizations have been working on this year in order to bring chemistry into schools and show children how fun science can be. The experiments included the ethanol cannon, elephant’s toothpaste, colorimetric flame tests, and color changes with acid and base indicators.

As a first show for elementary kids, the students performing were as enthralled and excited as the third graders were. After weeks of preparation, students Kristen Shafer, Elyse Kleist, Blake Tressler, Erica Bouch, and Minh Dinh all agree that the show was well worth doing again.

The project had its pilot performance late last November. Kleist and Dylan Stoy travelled to Apollo Ridge Middle school to teach the students about the scientific method, careers in chemistry, and the properties of liquid nitrogen.

With the help of Justin Fair, the chemistry fraternity and ACS club have been very successful thus far. They are hoping to put together a few more shows this semester in different elementary, middle, and high schools. There has been a great response from both the grade school and college students, and the organizations have goals of making this a regular addition to their yearly schedules.

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