High-Performance Computing at IUP

Posted on 2/19/2013 8:57:00 AM

John Chrispell of the Mathematics Department is serving as the IUP Campus Champion for the XSEDE (Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment) computer resources. He can help you get started interacting with some impressive computational resources.

A website will be available in the near future to help interested individuals get started. Until then, you can contact Chrispell directly at jchrispe@iup.edu.

Right now, IUP has the following service units awarded:

  • SDSC Appro Linux Cluster (Trestles): 50,000
  • Open Science Grid (OSG): 200,000
  • PSC SGI Altix UV (Blacklight): 30,000
  • SDSC Appro with Intel Sandy Bridge Cluster (Gordon Compute Cluster): 50,000
  • TACC Dell PowerEdge Westmere Linux Cluster (Lonestar): 50,000
  • TACC Sun Constellation Cluster (Ranger): 100,000

Service units are approximately an hour of time on the machine.

Details about each of the machines can be found at the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment website.

Department of Mathematics