School Counselor Professional Development Day

Posted on 1/24/2013 11:45:57 AM

Ed Nardi, interim dean of the College of Education and Educational Technology, and the Department of Counseling will host the 10th annual School Counselor Professional Development Day on Friday, January 25, 2013, in Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex.

The theme of the Day is “Fostering Student Achievement: Offering a Voice of Hope and Empowerment, Through Advocacy.”

A former school counselor, and now member of the IUP faculty, Sibyl Cato will present a keynote presentation on advocacy for students and promoting school counseling.

Several breakout sessions will focus on Advocacy for Students as well as Advocacy for School Counseling Positions and Programs. The end of the day is devoted to formulating individualized advocacy action plans.

Lorraine Guth, also an IUP faculty member, will close the program with a presentation on international school counseling advocacy. She will highlight her work with the country of Bhutan.