A Message from the Concern and Response Team (CART)

Posted on 1/22/2013 11:39:01 AM

There are many people at the university and within the Indiana community who are committed to assisting students during particularly stressful times. As the Spring 2013 semester begins, students may be returning to campus with worries about their continued success at IUP. Students may have financial concerns, family stressors, or be worried about their health. Information to assist faculty and staff in recognizing and responding to students can be found at Where To Turn for Help (pdf).

This Spring semester, Dan Burkett has taken on an additional role in working with Rhonda Luckey as a dean’s associate for the Concern and Response Team (CART). For more information about CART, or to seek assistance for a student exhibiting concerning behaviors, contact any of the members of CART. A list of the members of the Concern and Response Team can be found at CART Membership.

For more information about the university’s policies addressing the health and safety of the members of the university community, see IUP’s Policies Addressing Individual and Community Well-Being.