2012 Provost Scholars Announced

Posted on 1/9/2013 11:40:11 AM

The following students have been recognized as Provost Scholars for 2012.

Any undergraduate student who meets the following requirement is eligible to be named a Provost Scholar:

  • A current junior with a minimum of 45 semester hours earned at IUP A cumulative grade-point average of 3.5 or higher

Provost Scholar recognition is given only once during a student’s time of study at IUP.

Following is a list of students who qualified as Provost Scholars in Fall 2012. The list of Pennsylvania Provost Scholars is organized alphabetically by county and city. 

Adams County


Sara E. Schrider, Southview Drive, Spanish


Regan E. Little, Belmont Road, Management

Carissa A. Smith, Heritage Drive, Interior Design


Danielle N. Davis, North Queen Street, Respiratory Care

Molly E. Plank, West Myrtle Street, Physical Education and Sport

New Oxford

Jenna L. Nicholson, Kevin Drive, Family and Consumer Science Education

York Springs

Ian S. Lynch, Bateman Road, Political Science

Allegheny County

Allison Park

Robert J. Bisceglia, Bucktail Drive, History

Ryan C. Gray, Summit Drive, Computer Science

Bethel Park

Sheryl Eichenlaub, Kings School Road, Child Development and Family Relations

Sean M. Herald, Timberidge Drive, Anthropology

Mia K. Reuschling, Eastview Road, Criminology


Kayla A. Stillwagon, Walnut Street, Respiratory Care


Patrick E. Connell, Jenny Drive, Accounting

Joshua T. Noble, Bakerstown Road, Marketing


Carrie E. O'Hanlon, Pictwood Drive, Social Studies Education

Chelsea E. O'Hanlon, Pictwood Drive, English Education

Clarissa E. Stewart, Black Walnut Lane, Music Education


Adrian L. Callen, Spring Street, Art Studio

Jefferson Hills

Ariana E. Winovich, Oakwood Court, Biology

McKees Rocks

Kelsey M. Matarazzo, Canyon Drive, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Kelly A. Trapani, Fiddleback Drive, Health and Physical Education


Alena C. Okert, Owens Avenue, Early Childhood Education/Special Education


Megan L. Bertoline, Cavitt Road, Undeclared Business

Staci M. Harnden, Harvard Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Moon Township

Samantha A. Heinzl, Lansdowne Drive, Criminology

Natrona Heights

Alese J. Klemens, Jacqueline Drive, Journalism

North Versailles

Kaitlyn A. Fung, Reiss Lane, Early Childhood Education/Special Education


Angela R. Devereaux, Steubenville Pike, Health and Physical Education


Matthew M. Antonich, 8th Street, Communications Media


Megan L. Bell, Goldsmith Road, English

Naomi R. Cannon, Powers Run Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Nina C. Cerro, McCully Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Megan C. Conley, Lechner Lane, Social Studies Education

Kasey L. Cook, Fawn Court, Nutrition

Kyle G. Gaetano, Blossom Hill Road, Finance

Lauren M. Haas, Thorncliffe Drive, Nuclear Medicine Technology

Eric T. Harbison, Grand Avenue, Biology Education

Katherine M. Houlis, Marlin Drive W, Communications Media

Carly B. Lewis, Old Orchard Trail, Nutrition

Dorothy E. Lucas, Boxfield Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Brittany C. Lyons, Dorseyville Road, Nursing

Caitlin G. Lyons, Dorseyville Road, Nursing

Chelsey J. McDonald, Woodland Road, Nursing

Lindsey D. McDonald, Woodland Road, Nursing

Amy E. Paine, Lemoyne Avenue, Communications Media

Margaret J. Radford, Merwyn Avenue, Religious Studies

Patrick M. Rossiter, Hoosac Street, Accounting

Lauren N. Rubash, Meadow View Court, Social Studies Education

Lindsay N. Ryan, Gales Drive, Management

Mariah L. Sanders, Aurelius Street, Psychology

Christina N. Soracco, West Prospect Avenue, English

Meghan C. Sullivan, Ardmore Manor Drive, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Nicole L. Szulborski, McClure Avenue, Nutrition

Natalie V. Thiess, Brittany Place, English

Laura M. Wilkins, Bellwood Drive, Art


Caesandra Burgh, Quaker Road, Music Education

Bridget R. Clark, River Road, Communications Media

South Park

Nicole E. Miller, Bristol Drive, Accounting


Keileigh L. Koch, Sara Lane, Music Performance

West Mifflin

Kelsey M. Lucas, Glencoe Drive, Hospitality Management


Michael E. Koller, Fox Meadow Drive, Accounting

Elizabeth P. Sternby, Davison Drive, Journalism

Armstrong County


Rebecca A. Nichol, State Route 85, Mathematics

Ford City

Andrea R. Kiehl, Montgomery Flats Road, English

Zachary A. Montgomery, Crooked Creek Dam Road, Health and Physical Education


Andrew J. Brochetti, Shady Lane, Marketing

Kara A. Doms, Sisterville Road, Biology

Lacey L. Hohl, State Route 2021, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Amber James, State Route 2007, Nursing

Phillip S. Wyant, Silvis Hollow Road, Music Education

Ethan R. Zimmerman, Zimmerman Way, Criminology


Elizabeth A. Stimmell, White Cloud Road, Chemistry

Abygail E. Stivason, 2nd Street, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Ryan J. Wasilchak, Pleasant Hill Road, Biology

Rural Valley

Bethany A. Baker, North Jefferson Street, Nutrition

West Leechburg

Aaron P. Sulava, Schall Lane, Safety Sciences

Beaver County


Heather A. Furdak, Center Grange Road, Physical Education and Sport

New Brighton

Taylor N. Guthrie, Craig Street, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Bedford County


Rachel M. Villareale, West 7th Street, Music Education

Manns Choice

Melissa R. King, Chestnut Street, French


Taylor V. Crawford, Springs Ridge Drive, Nursing

Berks County


Scott R. Dotterer, Jenna Drive, Management


Chelsea G. Murray, Cold Run Road, English Education


Joseph W. Kolenda, Redwood Drive, Computer Science


Tate A. Dewalt, Pine Woods Court, Music Education

Lauren A. Sebastinas, Gouglersville Road, Interior Design


Ryan P. Egan, Focht Road, Management


Erinn L. Boguslowski, Dorchester Drive, Criminology

Blair County


Robert M. Haberstroh, North 2nd Street, Computer Science

Olivia N. Hand, Hartzell Avenue, Nursing

Caitlyn M. Hazenstab, Sickles Corner Back Road, Criminology

Alexandra M. Julian, East 23rd Avenue, Nutrition

Douglas A. Longwill, East Penn Avenue, Psychology

Joshua M. Wertz, Fordham Circle, Music Performance


James L. Dalgarn, Orchard Drive, Biology

Colin B. Greenleaf, 3rd Avenue, Criminology

Brian P. Saylor, Orchard Drive, Biology


Laura K. Delozier, Woodlawn Terrace, Biology Education

Brooke D. Frederick, Jones Street, French Education K-12


Dwayne K. Cherry, Criminology


Christina M. Brisbin, Decker Hollow Road, Music Education

Bucks County


Melissa M. Hilderley, Bryan Court, Early Childhood Education/Special Education


Jamie L. Root, Oak Avenue, Communications Media


Jenna M. Keen, Chaff Court, Nursing


Emily J. Weber, Sugarbush Drive, Journalism

Casey E. Yoder, Dublin Pike, Nursing


Jessica D. Reilly, Surrey Road, Psychology


Emily L. Burg, Newtown Road, Biology

Butler County


Renee E. Clouse, Thornwood Drive, Middle Level Education

Jamie L. Czech, Crisswell Road, Human Resource Management

Victoria A. Mizwicki, Penn Drive, Social Studies Education


Bernard J. Carr, Parker Road, Electro Optics/Laser Engineer

Madison D. Crist, Primrose Drive, Nutrition

Rowdy W. Durci, Winfield Road, Criminology

Hali C. Morris, Bryan Drive, Early Childhood Education/Special Education


Kaitlyn M. Grzywinski, Beatty Drive, Mathematics Education


Ryan C. Krause, Sheldon Road, Management Information Systems

Madeline M. Matusik, Pointe Drive, Regional Planning

Kurt R. Stridinger, State Road, Management


Erika K. Barlow, Glen Rape Road, Social Studies Education

Halee V. Stroup, South Green Lane, Psychology

Cambria County


Victoria L. Murphy, International Studies

Julie A. Veneskey, Zeke Lane, Nursing


Katlin R. Daniels, Speech and Lang Pathology Education


Stephanie D. Anna, Speech and Lang Pathology Education


Nicholas A. Adams, Tioga Street, Music Education

Jessie L. Bruckhart, Russell Avenue, Regional Planning

Andrew Cominsky, Nees Avenue, Undeclared Business

Shannon M. Costa, Goucher Street, Management Information Systems

Craig A. Harris, Churchill Street, Management

Kaila B. Henry, Moss Lane, Sociology

Jill R. Marguccio, Erickson Drive, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Shana N. Martin, Christy Drive, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Jennifer L. Pfeil, Tyke Road, Sociology

Northern Cambria

Benjamin E. Knapic, Route 403 Highway, Computer Science

Hayley M. Paronish, 34th Street, Communications Media

Thomas J. Paronish, Vine Street, Geology

Grace E. Thomas, Goodridge Road, Art Education


Kaitlin M. Cence, Linwood Avenue, Accounting

Kelsey M. Hoover, Edelweiss Street, Sociology


Kyle A. Gossard, Gillespie Avenue, Music Education

Saint Michael

Jacob A. Zerby, Political Science


Brooke E. Wissinger, Forest Hills Drive, Family and Consumer Science Education

South Fork

Brittany S. Krestar, Ragers Hill Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education


Kristi B. Olsavsky, Griffith Street, Management

Miranda M. Olsavsky, Accounting

Allison M. Plowman, Plowman Road, Nursing

Cameron County


Michael P. Jones, Sizerville Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Carbon County


Ian Q. Grant, Philosophy

Centre County

Centre Hall

Matthew D. DePra, Tusseyville Road, Music Education

Emily E. Hoffman, Natural Science

Kelsey L. Jordan, Tussey Meadow Lane, Nursing

Spring Mills

Kendyl C. Paolini, Lower Georges Valley Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Chester County


Aubrie E. Nader, Taylors Mill Road, Communications Media

Gabriella R. Ruggeri, Peck Road, Nuclear Medicine Technology


Robert J. Smith, Chestnut Court, International Studies

Spring City

Tyler J. Caba, Barton Drive, Management

West Chester

James P. DiBello, Kirby Drive, Criminology

Andrew E. Kornet, Palomino Drive, Physical Education and Sport

Laura F. Murray, Edgemill Way, Child Development and Family Relations

Clearfield County


Cassandra L. Barton, East Weber Avenue, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Skylar M. Buriak, Treasure Lake, Accounting

Emma J. Straight, Treasure Lake, Nursing

Samantha J. Thompson, Treasure Lake, Biology Education


Kristin R. Krause, Fernwood Road, Nursing


Rebecca E. Olson, Substation Road, Psychology


Rebecca A. Kephart, Spring Road, Criminology

Osceola Mills

Shaylea A. Grannis, Hospitality Management


Natalie V. Robison, Rockton Mountain Highway, Physical Education and Sport


Brittany C. Martell, Woodland Bigler Highway, Psychology

Columbia County


Emily L. Karas, Scenic Drive, Family and Consumer Science Education

Kailyn M. Mott, Woods Edge Drive, Nursing

Crawford County


Collin R. Hart, US Highway 322, Music Education

Ethan L. Oertly, Frenchtown Road, Accounting

Dustin J. Steider, Mallory Road, Psychology

Conneaut Lake

Paige A. Peterson, English Education


Katherine E. Lewis, Wing Road, English

Guys Mills

Brittany L. Brown, Brown Road, Music Education


Deanna E. Welsh, Conneaut Street, Nursing

Cumberland County

Camp Hill

Abigail L. Shipe, Conestoga Road, Nursing


Katie M. Barrett, Beagle Club Road, History

Jonathan E. Goodman, Hope Terrace, Undeclared Business

Joshua C. Readshaw, Prickly Pear Drive, Music Education


Keelin R. McGrath, Truffle Glen Road, Art Education

Nicholas F. Roberto, Brookridge Drive, Marketing

Amber N. Rockwell, Williamsburg Way, Hospitality Management

Courtney R. Seeno, Wallingford Way, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Jamie L. Shepherd, Winston Drive, Natural Science

New Cumberland

Kelsey B. Papinchak, Benyou Lane, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Dauphin County


Kasi L. Hicks, Bonnymead Avenue, Communications Media

Kady L. Maurer, Circle Drive, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Kayle L. Scott, North 50th Street, English

Anthony D. Smith, Clinton Road, Communications Media

Abbey M. Zelko, Worcester Avenue, Journalism

Andrew V. Zeplin, Whisper Wood Lane, Finance


Kaitlyn E. Donegan, Appenzell Drive, Early Childhood Education/Special Education


Aaron J. Lupia, Powderhorn Road, Health and Physical Education

Michael E. Lupia, Powderhorn Road, Health and Physical Education

Corrie E. Whitmer, Chestnut Street, Journalism

Delaware County


Erin R. Clark, Glenwood Avenue, Speech and Lang Pathology Education

Ridley Park

Kelsey F. Bretz, Penn Street, Computer Science

Elk County


Kenneth A. Thiry, Willow Street, Accounting

Saint Marys

Dylan J. Dippold, Robin Road, Psychology

Michele F. Sharrow, Hemlock Road, English

Danielle R. Simchick, Johnsonburg Road, Spanish Education K-12

Erie County

East Springfield

Peter J. Greenawalt, Chemistry


Jessica S. Sheehan, Water Street, Marketing


Mary Ann B. Hedlund, Courtland Drive, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Michelle B. Hedlund, Courtland Drive, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Madeline L. Jobczynski, Harvard Road, English

Kristina M. Krasowski, Norcross Road, Natural Science

Conrad F. Kubaney, Lakeside Drive, Nursing

Laura R. Nientimp, Indiana Drive, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Theresa A. Scarnati, North Wayside Drive, Mathematics

Lauren E. Stephan, Saint Ann Drive, Nursing

Marissa A. Twiss, West 42nd Street, Nutrition

Phylis Zimmermann, Downing Court, Vocational-Technical Education

West Springfield

Nicole K. Borstorff, Holdson Drive, Finance

Fayette County

Belle Vernon

Ashley E. Bronakowski, Hollyberry Lane, English Education


Katie L. Grahek, Lynn Road, Speech and Lang Pathology Education


Barbara N. Shultz, Breakneck Road, English


Brant E. Roberts, Music Education

Franklin County


Kyle A. Pillar, Center Street, Communications Media


Austin T. Beaufort, Michaux Drive, Music Education


Ashley N. Frankenfield, West Weaver Road, Management

Vincent S. Hall, Moss Spring Avenue, Management


Abbie M. Bender, Orchard Lane, Biology

Zachary C. Grass, Peaceful Oak Drive, Music Education

Kristen N. Swope, Gehr Road, Psychology

Greene County

Mount Morris

Megan D. Fox, Buckeye Road, Journalism


Jessany A. Knapp, North West Street, Speech and Lang Pathology Education

Josie M. Patton, Mount Morris Road, Communications Media

Huntingdon County

Broad Top

Alyssa B. Black, Speech and Lang Pathology Education

Indiana County


Heidi A. Farmery, Sociology


Joseph Canton, Luciusboro Road, English

Michael J. Duffey, Maple Avenue, History

Marissa R. Falcone, Evans Avenue, Speech and Lang Pathology Education

Kylie R. Smathers, Rome Street, Middle Level Education

Brush Valley

Shawn R. Yutzey, Communications Media

Cherry Tree

Alexandria L. Liddle, Route 240 Highway, Early Childhood Education/Special Education


Andrew J. Machak, Berts Road, Psychology


Jennifer S. Kopczyk, Diamondville Road, Disability Services

Danielle M. Malicky, Walcott Street, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Benjamin J. Miller, Clymer Road, Nursing


Zachary G. Kunkle, Kunkle Lane, Safety Sciences


Franklinn M. Alexander, Store Hill Road, Physical Education and Sport

Glen Campbell

Jacqueline A. Connor, Route 286 Highway, Psychology


Rebecca A. Bowser, Ruth Drive, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Samuel W. LeBlanc, Pearce Hollow Road, Health and Physical Education

Ryan S. Lightcap, Route 85 Highway, Health and Physical Education

Meghan S. McMeans, Wells Road, Art

Homer City

Deanna R. Charles, Littletown Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Jessica L. Henry, Henry Road, Family and Consumer Science Education

Richard M. Petricig, Crownover Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Christina E. Schmidt, Chestnut Alley, Hospitality Management


Anthony A. Almes, Edgewood Avenue, Regional Planning

Lillian C. Aurand, Philadelphia Street, Biology

Scott L. Blystone, Grant Street, Management Information Systems

Maureen E. Bock, Valley Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Jenna A. Bothell, South 6th Street, Speech and Lang Pathology Education

Audrey R. Botsford, East Pike Road, Nursing

Matthew R. Brown, East Pike Road, History

Hillary N. Daldoss, Lucerne Road, Marketing

Jessie A. Dalrymple, Dolores Circle, Psychology

Kathryn E. Edmondson, Ashley Drive, Anthropology

Wade R. Evans, Cresswell Road, Nursing

Taralyn E. Federoff, Valley Road, Political Science

Hannah M. Fullerton, Ben Franklin Road, Art

Jeffrey J. Fyock, Rayne Church Road, Safety Sciences

Shane M. Grey, Treese Avenue, Biology

Douglas S. Henry, East Pike Road, Safety Sciences

Luci R. Jockel, East Pike Road, Art Studio

Taylor R. Jones, South 13th Street, Nutrition

Andrea J. Karcher, Dawn Drive, Middle Level Education

Tian Shoon Lau, Oakland Avenue, Nutrition

Sean P. McKee, Anderson Avenue, English

Michael J. Morris, Fulton Run Road, Electro Optics/Laser Engineer

Andrew W. Newstein, Lazor Street, International Studies

Alexa N. Pappal, Shaffer Drive, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Natalie A. Pina, North 5th Street, Communications Media

Jonathan E. Pivetz, North 9th Street, English

Ashlee A. Rice, Ann Circle, Biology

Lindsey N. Smathers, Simpson Road, Criminology

Katie E. Stanko, South 11th Street, Psychology

Andrew J. Trefny, North 5th Street, Regional Planning

Marion Center

Emilie J. Borst, Pearce Hollow Road, Finance

Breanne R. Denning, Pearce Hollow Road, Middle Level Education

Brandon E. Snickles, Nursing


Aaron M. Knapic, Harrison Avenue, Social Studies Education


Alyssa B. Altman, Girty Road, English Education

Paige M. Cashdollar, Windy Flats Road, Art Studio


Michael A. Lockhart, Route 210 Highway, Criminology

Megan S. McCully, Gahagan Road, Social Studies Education

Cody A. Wells, Barnard Road, Social Studies Education

Jefferson County


Megan C. Gallagher, Kerr Street, Music Education


Amanda E. Henretty, Fog Hollow Lane, Interior Design

Chadwick L. Schuckers, Belgiumtown Road, Political Science

Shannon D. Shaffer, Ramsaytown Road, Music Education


Jared L. Burkett, Oak Run Ave, Fashion Merchandising

Michael D. Depp-Hutchinson, Woodland Avenue, Theater

Devan J. Penman, North Penn Street, Physical Education and Sport

Heather L. Phillips, South Main Street, Accounting


Breana C. Barrett, Grant Street, Middle Level Education


Eden R. Kahle, Kahle Road, Journalism

Karli L. Spangler, Shields Road, Music Education


Chanie M. Spearing, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Juniata County


Ashley R. Kipp, Crestview Drive, Physical Education and Sport

Lackawanna County


Morgan C. Chase, Church Street, Theater

Kaitlyn D. Klinges, Rural Route 2, Political Science

South Abington Township

Katherine A. Carter, Edgewood Drive, Hospitality Management

Lancaster County

East Petersburg

Nicolas J. Fillgrove, State Street, Psychology


Derrick Anderson, Sunrise Boulevard, Management

Kelsey M. Hayden, Hillcrest Lane, Biology


Mindy J. Stipe, Richmond Road, Hospitality Management


Alexandra V. Freeman, Ashton Place, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Peach Bottom

Keri A. Swisher, Fulton Inn Road, Sociology

Lawrence County

Ellwood City

Kristen D. Kozminski, Stiefel Avenue, Speech and Lang Pathology Education

New Castle

Tiffany M. Murphey, Moravia Street, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Amanda L. Shaffer, Joyce Lane, Natural Science


Rachel S. Scherer, Halltown Road, Anthropology

Lebanon County


Hannah K. Woodward, West Elm Street, Marketing


Susan J. O'Toole, Aspen Lane, Middle Level Education

Kelsey M. Peters, Larch Circle, Communications Media

Jessica D. Stachura, East Brookfield Drive, History

Lehigh County


Courtney J. Fillman, Lone Lane, Deaf Education

Kelsey M. Shaulis, Spring Wood Drive, Spanish Education K-12


Kelly A. Nonnemacher, Franklin Street, Child Development and Family Relations


Catherine A. Caffrey, Rebecca Lane, Communications Media

Laura P. McFadden, Meadow Drive, Communications Media


Janelle M. Stayt, Kistler Road, Marketing

Luzerne County


Sarah M. Leskowsky, Oak Drive, Speech and Lang Pathology Education


Jill A. Franklin, Silo Road, Hospitality Management

Katherine A. Swiatek, Hunlock Harveyville Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Sweet Valley

Shawni J. Scott, Main Road, Anthropology


Elisa D. Laird, Mulholland Drive, Nursing

Wilkes Barre

Ryan J. Everett, South Grant Street, Psychology

Mckean County


Tynan J. Shannon, Constitution Avenue, Criminology


Kristen M. Geer, Welsh Street, Art Education

Lauren A. Harvey, Hemlock Avenue, Physical Education and Sport

Kalie N. Walter, Tionesta Avenue, Marketing

Lewis Run

Erin N. Black, Beaver Drive, Psychology

Shelby L. Runyan, Big Shanty Road, Business Education


Danielle M. Nielsen, Hamlin Street, Nutrition

Mercer County


Zachary G. Candela, Taylor Street, Biology

Brett A. Eddinger, Beatty School Road, Biology

Joshua J. Riffe, South Mercer Street, Physical Education and Sport


Nicole M. Gregg, Crestview Drive, Nursing

Rebekah D. Schaaf, Rutledge Road, Interior Design

Monroe County


Emily J. Clark, Henrys Crossing Road, Biology

East Stroudsburg

Aleda K. Johnson, Payton Road, Communications Media

Nadhirah A. Norman, Haven Lake, English

Montgomery County


Mary T. Gutekunst, Crystal Lane, Anthropology


Michael T. McKeegan, New Street, Spanish Education K-12


Jared W. Barnett, Washington Lane, Geography

Mary E. Ward, Valley Woods Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Kerry L. Young, Roosevelt Boulevard, Psychology


Jeremy D. Edwards, Village Way, Asian Studies

Christian D. Lamar, Bedford Lane, Biology


Katie L. Vining, South Limerick Road, Speech and Lang Pathology Education

Plymouth Meeting

Kellie A. Bowe, Pilgrim Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Montour County


Sarah McLean, Steffens Road, Biology

Northampton County


Jessica M. Paulus, Beacon Road, Interior Design


Amanda J. Karwel, Southwood Drive, Biology

Paige N. LaDuca, West Nesquehoning Street, Regional Planning


Stephanie M. Prekopa, Donato Court, Hospitality Management

Perry County


Amanda A. Clark, North High Street, Sociology


Angel R. Huss, North 5th Street, Physical Education and Sport

Philadelphia County


Khalia I. Brown, Devereaux Avenue, Criminology

Aijah K. Goodwin, Kemble Avenue, Psychology

Victor Lopez, North Hancock Street, Accounting

Cynthia Milord, Wyndale Avenue, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Deshante L. Nelson, Chancellor Street, Criminology

Keyonna M. Savage, Medary Avenue, Communications Media

Chloe E. Smith, Arlington Street, Music Education

Ethan Y. Wang, Kalos Street, Accounting

Somerset County


Ashley M. Moyer, East Campus Avenue, Early Childhood Education/Special Education


Brendan F. Saunders, Bicycle Road, Psychology


Annie E. Bridge, Waterway Drive, Child Development and Family Relations

Heather M. Daly, Gilbert Hollow Road, Nursing

Gabriel J. Mazzotti, Music Education


William L. Harman, Barn Street, Political Science


Elizabeth C. Caton, Sherman Street, Deaf Education


Hanna A. Weimer, Broadway Street, Deaf Education


Alex T. Brown, West Catherine Street, Criminology


Matthew D. Lohr, Ralphton Road, Criminology


Stephany C. Flynn, Jackson Avenue, Social Studies Education



Bryan D. Castrogiovanni, Rural Route 7, Mathematics Education




Claire D. Bertinet, Park Road, Family and Consumer Science Education



Oil City

Charles M. Culbertson, West 3rd Street, Biochemistry


Justin T. Loll, Fairfield Avenue, Safety Sciences



Karie A. Obremski, Hindman Avenue, Fashion Merchandising


Jessie A. Crawford, McWreath Road, Music

Scenery Hill

Samantha R. Ritzer, East National Pike, Geology


Travis L. Fiem, Lone Pine Road, Music Education

Carley E. Mendez, Henderson Avenue, Accounting

Franklin D. Morris, McKee Road, Criminology

Wayne County


Rebekah I. Beers, Shawnee Path, Child Development and Family Relations

Westmoreland County


Erin L. Dixon, Terrace Avenue, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Jenna M. Herstek, Watson Road, Speech and Lang Pathology Education

Kayla M. Robinson, Karpaw Lane, Social Studies Education

Hayley R. Rusz, Jackson Road, Art Education


Kimber L. Carnahan, West Lebanon Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education


Zachary S. Wolfe, Kenneth Drive, Physical Education and Sport


Morgan A. Allman, Panizzi Road, English Education


Brooke E. Bentley, Johnson Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Kylie A. Chiu, Westland Drive, International Business

Aqua O. Gentis, Attleboro Place, International Business

Patrick M. Pushic, Barnhart Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Adam D. Santavy, Churchill Drive, French Education K-12

Jordan A. Sherrow, Shelby Drive, Asian Studies


Melissa A. Dobransky, Valley Vue Drive, Child Development and Family Relations

Kayla M. Henderson, Cherokee Street, Nursing

Rachel L. Knopf, 9th Street, Art Education


Lauren E. Yates, Reed Court, Speech and Lang Pathology Education


Samantha A. Kissel, Walnut Street, Mathematics Education

Krista Park, Heimann Road, Management

Andy C. Wyant, Spring Street, Theater


Lindsay N. Blystone, Hermitage Circle, Speech and Lang Pathology Education

Lower Burrell

Eric M. McAlpine, Hilltop Drive, Criminology


Taylor E. Farina, Ashbaugh Road, Speech and Lang Pathology Education

New Alexandria

Nicole R. Harvan, Fennel Street, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Nicholle M. Merenda, Archway Drive, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

New Florence

Travis M. Deyarmin, Wheatley Circle, Computer Science

Bryan D. Rape, Coal Road, Regional Planning

New Kensington

Jack W. Connor, Gabrielle Drive, Health and Physical Education

North Huntingdon

Rachel J. Ciocca, White Street, Art Education

Alexis G. Gorenz, Adams Drive, Marketing

Hannah N. Guyon, Hahntown Wendel Road, English


Alicia A. Zimmerman, Chaintown Road, Early Childhood Education/Special Education


Joshua A. Darr, Thompson Street, Biology

Ryan P. Merle, Donelson Road, Economics


Daniel V. Dicocco, Pine Hollow Road, Music Education

Seth M. Dixon, Baker School Road, History


Catherine D. Roberto, Washington Avenue, Marketing

Emily C. Stephens, North Balsinger Road, Natural Science


Brian M. Lohr, Sherwood Circle, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Julianne N. Reger, South 5th Street, Physical Education and Sport

Wyoming County


William J. Kelly, Mountain View Terrace, Nursing

Hali M. Soloski, Vosburg Road, Nursing

York County


Luke J. Barricklow, Fairway Drive, Health and Physical Education

Glen Rock

Joseph J. Trebilcock, Hametown Road, Anthropology


Natalie J. Hotaling, East Parkview Road, Journalism

Red Lion

Cassandra Stroman, Kendale Road, Criminology

Seven Valleys

Courtney A. Price, Diamond Run Court, International Business

Spring Grove

Kiersen A. Hoffacker, Yingling Drive, Child Development and Family Relations


Elena R. Pietrowicz, Kings Way, Criminology


Christan J. Frederick, West Shoff Road, Nuclear Medicine Technology


Megan E. Doner, Heather Drive, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Logan S. Sealover, Brittany Court, Computer Science

Out - of - State


Lindsey S. Quakenbush, Longmont, English


Catherine Krygeris, Downers Grove, Biology Education


Marketta C. Gent, Boyds, Music Education

Chelsey M. Hipp, Clarksville, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Caitlin J. Schwatka, College Park, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Ashley M. Meredith, Columbia, Communications Media

Elizabeth P. Reynolds, Fort George G Meade, Anthropology

Lauren M. Gibson, Frederick, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Katherine E. Koenig, Gaithersburg, Physical Education and Sport

Mary C. Norr, Gaithersburg, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Nicholas X. Brock, Germantown, Political Science

Teresa M. Dierks, Germantown, Chemistry

Kristen M. Erickson, Germantown, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Anastasia E. Gaines, Hagerstown, Communications Media

Gretchen D. Heine, Ijamsville, Spanish for Internationl Trade

Alexandra L. Tierney, Lusby, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Jennifer A. Huff, Mount Airy, Accounting

Kristen L. Kenski, Mount Airy, Nursing

Jessica L. Brechbill, Williamsport, Early Childhood Education/Special Education


Wendy M. Leuenberger, Lincoln, Biology

New Jersey

Alexander A. Davis, Andover, Geography

Tenesha D. Ali, Browns Mills, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Samuel J. Weiser, Browns Mills, Music Education

Rebecca N. Malaczewski, Cherry Hill, Criminology

Allyson J. Mitidieri, Cherry Hill, Nutrition

Kevin D. Honigsberg, Hackettstown, Hospitality Management

Brianne V. Stewart, Hewitt, Physical Education and Sport

Matthew R. Jones, Piscataway, Finance

Domenica A. Caporusso, Sewell, Nutrition

Kimberly M. Shaver, Stanhope, Natural Science

Adriana E. Konstantinides, Voorhees, Nutrition

New York

Kaitlyn R. Kaminski, Rochester, Natural Science


William D. Watkins, Belmont, Geology

Christopher M. Garrett, Brecksville, Finance

Austen W. Perelman-Hall, Cleveland Heights, Marketing

Deven L. Bray, Cleveland Hts, Disability Services

Ashley R. Youngkin, Cuyahoga Falls, Accounting

Devan C. Mercer, Ravenna, Sociology

David J. Wilcox, Westerville, Finance

Rhode Island

Meghan E. Corbett, North Kingstown, Nursing


Sean P. Smith, Annandale, Mathematics

Alexander J. Berdahl, Ashburn, Criminology

Danielle C. Deal, Broadlands, Marketing

Chase P. Robson, Centreville, International Business

Emily R. Manno, Fairfax, Psychology

Andrea L. Rossman, Fairfax, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Rachelle M. Millard, Marshall, Anthropology

Rebecca R. Slaughter, Oak Hill, Early Childhood Education/Special Education

West Virginia

Andrew A. Bisaha, Athens, Marketing

Samuel T. Sullivan, Martinsburg, English

Logan B. Wojcik, Wheeling, Philosophy



Zachary F. Kempa, Ontario, Marketing


Haotian Qiu, Chengdu, Marketing

Fanyi Qiu, Shenyang, Finance

Jie Lai, Shifang, Management


Yiyi Fan, Nairobi, Biology


Shun Thai Ang, Subang Jaya, Marketing