Students Rewarded with Networking Skills in New York City

Posted on 12/12/2012 3:22:08 PM

Business Honors New York TripWith an educational and entertaining trip mixed into one, students who attended the annual New York City trip on December 7–9, 2012, benefitted greatly. Due to the learning of networking and marketing skills and viewing the city’s unique elements, the trip was a success for everyone involved.

Members of the junior and senior Business Honors cohort within the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology spent the trip attending numerous events and exploring the city.

Students were invited to the President’s IUP Alumni Reception at the famed Waldorf Astoria hotel, where they met and networked with alumni, learning about internships, potential jobs, and the job hunting and career paths of the alumni in attendance. Prior to the reception, the students attended a panel discussion consisting of recent IUP graduates who now work and live in the New York City area.

“The reception was very enjoyable, because it allowed current students to build relationships with those in the professional world while providing alumni with the chance to learn about what is happening at IUP right now,” said Grey Berrier, member of the Business Honors cohort.

Students were also able to visit charity: water, a nonprofit organization that raises money to fund the drilling and building of wells to provide clean, readily accessible water in low-income areas around the world. The students were given a tour of the company headquarters by William Bell, IUP graduate and current controller and treasurer of the company.

“I personally really enjoyed going to tour the company and learn about it. It was especially interesting to learn about a nonprofit company and how the corporate culture differs from profit companies,” said Catelin Shontz, member of the senior cohort.

Students attended an event titled “Wall Street: Financial Crisis Tour.” This tour combined Wall Street’s history with exciting first-hand accounts of the 2008 financial crisis tour by a Wall Street insider.

The tour included visits to the current and former sites of the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Hall, AIG, House of Morgan, Trump Tower, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Merchant Exchange, Federal Reserve, Charging Bull, Trinity Church, and more.

“There were so many memories made on the trip that we will always remember,” said Kevin Brodeur, member of the senior cohort.

Members of the cohort experienced an unforgettable trip that allowed them to gain intelligence and experience that cannot be obtained by simply reading a textbook.

—By Katlyn Glaser