Vendor Error Causes Misaddressed Copies of IUP Magazine

Posted on 12/12/2012 1:00:13 PM

The mailing house that prepares IUP Magazine for postal delivery has made a mistake, mismatching names and addresses on about 45,000 copies of the Fall-Winter 2012 edition.

Some branches of the U.S. Postal Service were able to stop the mailing, but many magazines have already been delivered with the error in address.

In response to the problem, the vendor is readdressing and mailing new copies of the magazine to the affected households.

The university’s Office of Advancement Services maintains all constituent records for IUP Magazine’s audience and supplied the vendor with correct addresses. If you would like to confirm your address with IUP, you may do so by completing this form.

IUP Magazine is published by the Office of Communications and Marketing and mailed to more than 100,000 alumni and friends of IUP.