Runge Publishes on Criteria for Pennsylvania Public Schools to Identify Specific Learning Disabilities

Posted on 12/10/2012 12:26:56 PM

Timothy Runge coauthored an article with Shirley Woika (Pennsylvania State University) in the winter issue of Pennsylvania Psychologist titled “Identification of Specific Learning Disabilities in Pennsylvania’s Public Schools.”

The article presented the current definitional criteria for the identification of specific learning disabilities (SLD) and noted that school districts must establish their own criteria for determination of SLD that are consistent with Pennsylvania educational regulations. Of particular note was the increasing number of schools in Pennsylvania that are approved to use a response to instruction and intervention model for determining if a student has an SLD.

Parents and private practitioners must be aware of the criteria a school uses for determining SLD when conducting an independent educational evaluation of a public school child. Otherwise, independent evaluations may not provide the necessary data for schools to identify or rule out an SLD.

Suggestions for private practitioners and parents were offered so that schools, parents, and private practitioners can work collaboratively to help provide a free, appropriate public education for children.

Educational and School Psychology