Eberly Finance Student Attends National Hispanic Institute’s Celebración

Posted on 11/6/2012 2:30:52 PM

Marc ColonAn Eberly College finance student attended the National Hispanic Institute’s (NHI) Celebración in October in San Antonio, Texas, for the Collegiate Leadership Network.

Freshman Marc Anthony Colón first became involved with NHI during his freshman year of high school. He and his team placed second in a competition where groups were asked to use an organization’s existing assets and resources to expand on the current growth capacities of the organization. The groups were then challenged to make their project operational within 12 months and self-sustaining within a year.

The groups participating in the competition were asked to adhere to NHI operating beliefs, practices, and methods of influencing change in Latino community life. They included social good, social venture, and a business model.

According to the NHI website, the institute provides Latino young people with the structures and settings to envision themselves as future community leaders as well as practice skills in leading and working with others and engaging in critical discussions. NHI’s values are dedication to personal excellence, a strong belief in family and culture, and service to others.

By Alycia King