Simulcast: PASSHE Entrepreneurial Forum

Posted on 10/22/2012 11:14:56 AM

The PASSHE Entrepreneurial Forum, which I e-mailed you about previously, takes place today, October 23, at 3:00. If you are unable to attend, you are invited to view it in an online simulcast.

A few months ago, the General Assembly passed important legislation that granted PASSHE greater potential to develop and market new products and services.

The Higher Education Modernization Act enables our faculty, staff, and students to be more entrepreneurial by providing us with greater opportunities to work directly with businesses to develop commercial applications for any inventions we might develop in the course of our research.

In the past, we’ve been restricted from such activities because of our unique status as state employees. The new legislation creates a level playing field, not only with all other institutions of higher education in the commonwealth, but also with other public universities throughout the country.

To help you better understand the possibilities opened up by this new legislation, I invite you to join me at the first PASSHE Entrepreneurial Forum.

You’ll hear about these new opportunities and how, together, we can help PASSHE remain the smart choice for students, faculty, and the commonwealth.

Michael Driscoll