Machado and McLaughlin Discuss Web 2.0 Technology in the Higher Education Classroom

Posted on 10/10/2012 3:02:30 PM

In May 2012, Crystal Machado, Professional Studies in Education, and Courtney McLaughlin, Educational and School Psychology, copresented papers at the 44th annual meeting of the New England Educational Research Organization conference in Portsmouth, N.H.

Machado, along with Huachuan Wen and Ying Jiang, doctoral students in the Curriculum and Instruction graduate program, presented “Effects of Digital Writing on College Students’ Formal Writing.”

Machado also presented with McLaughlin and Hayat Messekher, a doctoral graduate of the English Department’s Composition and TESOL program. Their paper was titled “International Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration: Using Web 2.0 Technology to Foster Pedagogical Exploration in the Higher Education Classroom.”

A reflective practice teaching circle on writing for publication has been functioning for several years at IUP. Membership and participation in the group has progressively declined across the years. To increase membership and participation, current circle members have incorporated Web 2.0 technology into the teaching circle to facilitate cross-discipline pedagogical exploration and writing for publication with and beyond the U.S.-based school. Machado shared the preliminary findings of self-study, coauthored with McLaughlin and Messekher, that has been unfolding over the last eight months. She described the influence that the circle (with a physical and virtual presence) is having on its members’ teaching in their higher education classrooms, and ways in which this learning community will be used to foster pedagogical exploration in the higher education classroom.