Applied Research Lab Webinar: Statistical Tables in APA Format

Posted on 10/3/2012 9:04:43 AM

The Applied Research Lab is offering a webinar, "Statistical Tables in APA Format for Theses and Dissertations," on Thursday, October 25, 2012, from 6:00–7:30 p.m.

How to Enroll: Click here to enroll and provide your contact information.

Webinar Leader: Christoph Maier (ARL coordinator)

Overview: Most graduate students doing quantitative research generate analyses in SPSS that are converted to summary tables in their thesis/dissertation. The statistical tables generated in SPSS tables look very different from the summary tables that you include in your thesis/dissertation. They are different both in terms of what information is contained in them as well as in the structure and formatting of the tables. To complicate things even more, an APA table commonly summarizes information from more than one SPSS table.

In this workshop, you will learn about the differences between SPSS and APA tables and learn some tricks to optimize the process of converting SPSS tables into tables in your thesis/dissertation.


  1. Understanding the Basic Components of an APA Table.
    1. Terminology for different parts of the table.
    2. Formatting Requirements for the different components.
  2. Converting SPSS tables to APA Tables.
    1. Creating and modifying the APA template in Word.
    2. Formatting and simplifying the table in SPSS.
    3. Moving--without retyping--the table values into the template.
  3. Creating Tables for summarizing Data and Statistical Tests for Common Analyses.
    1. Demographic Variables and Likert-type Variables
    2. Chi-square test for independence.
    3. Correlation.
    4. Independent-Sample T-tests.
    5. One-way and ANOVA.
    6. Multiple regression.

Webinar Format: The webinar will consist of a series of short, prerecorded tutorials that talk you through the steps as you watch my desktop. Many of these tutorials will be followed by a short practice time for participants to try the steps out on their own. During the practice times, I will be available to answer questions.

Once you have registered for the webinar, the ARL will provide you with handouts and files that will be used during the webinar.

You may attend the webinar from any computer with an Internet connection and either headphones or speakers. If you wish to work along, your computer should have both SPSS and Microsoft Word.

The handouts, SPSS files, and the series of tutorials will eventually be posted to the Recent ARL Workshops and Handouts webpage on the ARL website.