IUP’s Policies Addressing Individual and Community Well-Being

Posted on 9/14/2012 1:44:52 PM

IUP publishes annually those policies which are directed to preserve the health and safety of individuals and our university community.

1. Title IX – Sexual Misconduct

IUP is committed to a work environment free from any form of sexual harassment or sexual violence. The IUP Sexual Harassment Policy prohibits sexual harassment and sexual violence and provides reporting procedures.
Questions about IUP’s efforts to prevent sexual misconduct and address reports of sexual violence can be directed to Rhonda Luckey, vice president for Student Affairs and IUP’s Title IX coordinator, at 724-357-2220, or Rhonda.Luckey@iup.edu.

2. Missing Residential Student

The objective of IUP Missing Residential Student Policy is to clearly define the reporting protocol when a residential student is presumed missing. Questions about IUP’s Missing Residential Student protocol can be addressed to Sam Clutter, director, University Safety, 724-357-3201 or Samuel.Clutter@iup.edu.

3. Involuntary Withdrawal Policy

The purpose of the IUP Involuntary Withdrawal Policy is to provide a procedure for determining whether an identified student’s behavior poses a direct threat and for responding to such behavior. Rarely does student behavior pose a direct threat. However, involuntary withdrawal may be appropriate when:

  • the student displays behavior which is not prohibited by and/or could not be adjudicated by the Student Behavior Regulations or the Academic Integrity Policy, but that nonetheless poses a direct threat; and
  • the student demonstrates a risk of repeated display of such behavior.

Questions about the Involuntary Withdrawal Policy can be addressed to Dr. Rhonda Luckey, vice president for Student Affairs, at 724-357-2220 or Rhonda.Luckey@iup.edu.