Student Dachille Wins Klinginsmith Media Award

Posted on 9/12/2012 11:00:57 AM
Thad Dachille

Thad Dachille, an outstanding master’s student in the Adult Education and Communications Technology (AECT) program, won the Klinginsmith Media Award because of his superb media production accomplishments.

He served as a graduate assistant in the Communications Media Department this year, working with Louis Almeida on a number of projects. His performance and overall coproduction quality was spectacular. In fact, his work with one of the grants was so stellar that the grant’s president said, “I love the design of the booklet and the messages. It’s very cool to see this. We can adopt it as it is.”

Having a coproduction accepted by a national-level grantee is, in itself, worthy of praise. It was also a prime application of instructional design for a real-world client, and was one of the very best designs to come out of the AECT program.