IUP Student Affairs Division Sets Agenda for 2012–2013

Posted on 9/6/2012 1:21:46 PM

Each year, IUP’s Student Affairs Division develops measurable and outcomes-oriented plans to advance student success. This year, members of the Student Affairs Division also crafted a renewed mission and vision.


Through collaboration focused on student learning and success, IUP’s Student Affairs Division offers student-centered services, programs, and experiences which promote excellence, stimulate discovery, celebrate diversity, and motivate students' development, involvement, and personal and professional achievement.


By fostering a supportive campus environment and offering services, resources, and experiences which inspire self-discovery and growth, the Student Affairs Division prepares students to be productive and successful citizens and leaders in a diverse world.

The Division has developed nine broad objectives which address the following four keystones: 1) support student success, 2) individual and community well-being, 3) inclusion and engagement, and 4) accountability and sustainability.

For more information, please contact Rhonda Luckey, vice president for Student Affairs, at rluckey@iup.edu.