Lowery and Mueller Coedit New Student Affairs Monograph

Posted on 9/5/2012 7:14:22 PM

John Wesley Lowery and John A. Mueller of the Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE), along with Kate Boyle of St. Thomas University (Minn.), have coedited a monograph published by the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) titled “Reflections on the 75th Anniversary of the Student Personnel Point of View.”

The monograph contains a reproduction of the original “The Student Personnel Point of View” as it appeared when it was published in 1937, along with a collection of essays authored by scholars in the student affairs profession who reflect on the significance and enduring value of the document. “The Student Personnel Point of View” was an influential report that emerged from a study group formed by the American Council on Education. The intent was to offer a perspective on the importance of—and provide a focus for—the profession of student affairs as it was developing throughout U.S. colleges and universities in the 1930s.

SAHE graduate student Nathanial Ziegler is acknowledged by the editors for recreating “The Student Personnel Point of View” for inclusion in the monograph. Boyle served as an assistant director in IUP's Office of Housing, Residential Living and Dining from 1990 to 1992.

ACPA is one of the leading professional associations serving more than 8,500 practitioners, graduate preparation faculty members, and graduate students in the student affairs profession.