Signs, Magnets Create Awareness; Gifts Help Your Education

Posted on 8/29/2012 12:47:25 PM

Alumni gifts sign, freshman convocationFirst, have you checked your mailbox at the mail center in Folger? Students who do will find a surprise. Second, did you notice the signs around campus during welcome weekend (like the one shown in the photo)?

Courtesy of the IUP Annual Giving Office, students will find in their mailboxes a break-apart magnet to use as a picture frame. The Annual Giving Office also put the signs up around campus to create awareness about philanthropy at IUP.

So, what's all this about?

The Annual Giving Office wants you to be aware of the impact of gifts made to IUP by alumni and others. While it's true that your tuition pays for much of IUP's budget and the state's government pays for some, IUP relies on private gifts to round out its annual budget. Without that generosity, there are many things we cannot do--like award scholarships to students or purchase certain equipment and classroom supplies that make your IUP experience even better.

Get involved!

YourIUPRead more about ways you and other students can become involved in encouraging philanthropic generosity to IUP. Gifts from alumni and others benefit students in many ways. After all, IUP is your university. Your help can make it stronger!