Price Publishes Article on Preschool Teachers’ Read-Alouds

Posted on 8/21/2012 10:49:12 AM

Lisa Hammett Price 130Lisa Hammett Price, associate professor in the Speech-Language Pathology program, recently published an article in the journal Early Childhood Research Quarterly.

The article is titled “A Comparison of Preschool Teachers’ Talk During Storybook and Information Book Read-Alouds.” It describes a quantitative investigation of the level of cognitive demand used by teachers during classroom read-alouds in preschool.

Results revealed that compared to storybook reading, information book reading provided greater opportunities for labeling, describing, and making comparisons, judgments, and text-to-life connections.

The genre of the book influenced teachers’ talk without requiring any training, and therefore manipulation of genre has potential to alter the talk that occurs during the activity.

Price coauthored the article with Barbara Bradley, associate professor in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching at the University of Kansas, who collected these data, and Jana Smith, a school-based speech-language pathologist who worked on the research team.

The article can be accessed in the latest issue of the journal.