Video: The Lively Arts at IUP—All There Is to Experience

Posted on 8/14/2012 9:34:47 AM
Video: The Lively Arts at IUP

“After many shows, I’d say, ‘They don't get any better than this.’ And then the next show was equally good!”

That’s Indiana resident Eleanor Gallati describing in our new video the excitement of seeing a year’s worth of Lively Arts performances as a subscriber.

Check it out, and you’ll hear students, community residents, and more Lively Arts fans as well as director Hank Knerr on all there is to experience about the Lively Arts at IUP.

Did you know Lively Arts encompasses productions of the departments of Theater and Dance, Music, and Art; the Ovations! touring performance series; the Issues and Ideas speaker series; exhibits of the University Museum and Kipp Gallery; the ArtsPath education series for IUP and high school students; and more?

In this video, students Tia Kordell and Allison Scurdato, Indiana County commissioner Rodney Ruddock, Indiana Area High School assistant principal Bob Rizzo, and community members Jim and Marcy Martin and Walter and Eleanor Gallati share their enthusiasm for the Lively Arts at IUP.

Stay tuned for upcoming videos on ArtsPath, Ovations!, supporting the arts, and other topics.