Kemp Receives Grant for Study of Video Technology in theater and Arts Courses

Posted on 6/29/2012 1:53:23 PM

Richard Kemp, Department of Theater and Dance, received a Faculty Professional Development Committee award in the amount of $10,110 from the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education for his project, “Feasibility Study for the Incorporation of Video Technology in Content and Delivery of Theater and Arts Administration Courses at IUP and SRU.”

The grant was awarded through the Faculty Professional Development Council and supports Kemp and his colleagues, Brian Jones of IUP and Colleen Reilly of Slippery Rock University, in an innovative, multi-university research project. The results of their investigation will be applied to future collaborations between the two universities.

Incorporating IUP’s Communications Media Internship Program, under the guidance of Jay Start this summer, Kemp, Jones, and Reilly are investigating the potential and feasibility of using real-time video interaction at a distance in theater instruction and performance. They will experiment with the possibility of doing this in a number of courses that they teach in the areas of performance, design, and arts administration.

The grant also supports an exploration of videography in performance, for a future creative venture in staging Shakespeare’s The Tempset.