Fifth-Grade Students Enjoy Science Day at IUP

Posted on 5/21/2012 11:11:49 AM

About 115 fifth graders from Rayne Township Elementary School participated in six activities presented by faculty from Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics during Science Day at IUP on Tuesday, May 15, 2012.

Organized by Biology professor Holly Travis and fifth-grade science teacher Megan Bush, a graduate of IUP’s Elementary Education program, Science Day included demonstrations, presentations, and hands-on activities.

  • Mike Briggs (Chemistry) provided an activity with acids and bases using a red cabbage extract.
  • Yvonne Branan (Geoscience) presented a volcano slideshow and demonstration.
  • Megan Knoch (Biology) connected student volunteers to a Biopac monitoring system to demonstrate the electrical energy generated by muscle activity.
  • Carl Luciano (Biology) discussed some of the animals of Africa, highlighted with slides from his own travels.
  • Bob Major (Biology) talked about tissue regeneration, complete with microscope slides of planaria for the students to observe.
  • Stan Sobolewski (Physics) did real-time graphing of motion, with students walking back and forth in front of a motion detector as a computer graphed their position and speed.

Science Education students Nicole Mountain, Zach Spangler, and George Tickerhoof and Art Studio student Justin DeCarlo assisted with directing groups, cleaning up between rotations, and keeping everything moving smoothly.

The fifth graders enjoyed Sterns ice cream in the Oak Grove during their break for lunch and received note boards from the Biology Department before they returned to school.

Based on the students' lively discussions during lunch and between sessions, they learned all kinds of new things and were very excited about science and the opportunities it affords for research and discovery.

We hope to see many of these students back at IUP as college students in a few years!