Winners of Alcoa Campus Partnership’s 2012 Accident Investigation Competition

Posted on 5/7/2012 2:50:38 PM

The IUP Safety Sciences Department congratulates Nick Ali and Charles Rosier as the 2012 winners of the Alcoa Campus Partnership Accident Investigation Competition.

Three undergraduate student teams from IUP’s Safety Sciences Department (selected from a number of teams wishing to participate in the competition) were provided with an accident scenario to review (e.g., an acid burn at a pickling facility). In order to gather additional information and to identify the root causes of the accident, these teams then conducted mock accident investigations with representatives from Alcoa and IUP, who acted various roles associated with the scenario. Then the teams generated a written accident investigation report and gave a presentation to a panel of judges on their conclusions as to what caused the accident. These activities spanned a period of two months.

Judges and participants for the competition were Joe Progar, Nadene Yandrick, Jamie Mackay, and Kenneth Grace, from Alcoa, and Jan Wachter (who coordinated the event) from IUP’s Safety Science Department.

We congratulate Nick and Charles on their well-deserved win, as well as all the other participants in the competition who performed admirably. Winners and participants received awards for competing in this event. Nick and Charles each received an award valued at $1,250.

2012 Alcoa Winners