An Empirical Perspective on Forgiveness; Psychology Brown Bag Series

Posted on 4/23/2012 2:18:25 PM

Anson Long of the Department of Psychology will present “Contextual Effects of Apologies and Non-Apologies on Forgiveness” on April 25, 2012, from 12:20–1:10 p.m. in Uhler Hall, room 116.

Previous research indicates that apologies increase forgiveness and reduce anger (e.g., Mullet, Riviere, & Sastre, 2007; Thomas & Millar, 2008). The current research examines how the context surrounding an apology or non-apology influences forgiveness. One set of studies examines a repeated-transgression scenario in which the transgressor either apologizes or does not apologize after each offense. Another set of studies examines offenses with two transgressors in which each transgressor apologizes or does not apologize. For all studies, forgiveness and anger toward the transgressor(s) are measured. Results and implications of these experiments will be discussed.