Department of Biology Well Represented During IUP Research Appreciation Week 2012

Posted on 4/16/2012 11:03:06 AM

Numerous students and faculty gave presentations of their work, and a number of them received research awards or recognition.

Department of Biology students and faculty were busy during IUP Research Appreciation Week, and were successful in demonstrating our commitment to high-quality research.

Alan Kessler and John Kamau were among the NSM student award winners from the 2012 Undergraduate Scholars Forum.

Rebekah Keating, Emily Bellush, and Laura D'Acunto were among the 2012 Graduate Scholars Forum Award Winners from the 2012 Graduate Scholars Forum. Keating was recognized for a special ECO Award for Innovation in Sustainability.

Jeffery Larkin won both the Sponsored Programs Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research as well as the Graduate Dean's Award for Outstanding Commitment to Sponsored Programs.

In addition, Anne Simmons was recognized as an IUP Pathbreaker during the 2012 Women in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Program, for her long career in public education.

Last but certainly not least, Rebecca Beadling was announced as the latest Patricia Hilliard Robertson ’85 Memorial Scholarship winner.

Congratulations to all of our researchers!