UPDATE ON I-CARD USE IN VOTING IN PENNSYLANIA: Acceptable without Expiration Date in Primary

Posted on 4/13/2012 1:19:10 PM

This is corrected information on the new law pertaining to photo IDs acceptable for voting in Pennsylvania in the primary election on April 24 and general election on November 6.

checkmark_150Students who are planning to vote in the Pennsylvania primary on April 24 must have an acceptable photo ID with them. An IUP I-Card will not be acceptedAn I-Card will be accepted. 

Starting this fall, Pennsylvania law now requires will require voters to show an acceptable photo ID to vote at the polls. All IDs must contain a name, a photo, and an expiration date that is current.

Because I-Cards have no expiration date, they will not be accepted. I-Cards without an expiration date will be accepted at the primary. I-Cards without an expiration date will not be accepted at the general election.

Students whose I-Cards have no expiration date can have a date sticker applied to their card at the I-Card Office, Hadley Union Building. Newly issued I-Cards will have an expiration date.

What forms of photo ID are accepted?

I-Cards without or with an expiration date at the primary. I-Cards with an expiration date at the general election.

Photo IDs issued by the U.S. Government or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:

  • Pennsylvania driver’s license or PennDOT photo ID card (valid for voting 12 months past expiration date)
  • U.S. passport
  • U.S. military ID (active duty and retired military IDs may designate an expiration date that is indefinite). Military dependents’ ID must contain a current expiration date.

Also accepted: An employee photo ID issued by the federal government, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a Pennsylvania county, or a Pennsylvania municipal government, or a photo ID issued by a Pennsylvania care facility.

For more information, see this fact sheet: FAQ: Using a College or University ID to Vote.

If have any questions, please contact my-success@iup.edu.