Larkin to Discuss Reclamation of Marcellus Shale Pads

Posted on 4/12/2012 2:01:55 PM
Jeffery Larkin

Jeffery Larkin, Department of Biology, was invited to be a speaker at Pennsylvania State University’s Goddard Forum, Oil and Gas Development Impacts on Forested Ecosystems: Research and Management Challenges.

This conference aims to bring together scientists, managers, conservation organizations, and industry representatives who are working with oil and gas development to share research results and management strategies. The pertinent questions revolve around how we can manage the gas development activities in a manner which preserves our environmental quality of life and deals with our social needs while providing economic benefits to our citizens and bolstering our supply of clean domestic energy. Larkin’s talk, “Reclaiming Marcellus Shale Pads as Early-Successional Habitat,” will focus on establishing guidelines for restoring oil and gas pads to native vegetation in order to minimize the impacts of energy development on wildlife.