Forensic Accountant Speaks at Event Organized by Student Accounting Association

Posted on 2/28/2012 9:47:19 AM
John Kaye, partner at Sisterson & Co. LLP.

John Kaye, partner at Sisterson & Co. LLP., discussed his career as a forensic accountant at an event organized by the Student Accounting Association on February 16 in the Eberly College of Business.

Kaye discussed with nearly 100 students his experiences conducting fraud investigations and testifying in court during criminal investigations and his work as a consultant for businesses looking to improve their internal control.

A certified public accountant, valuation analyst, and fraud examiner, Kaye has been involved in providing litigation and forensic accounting services for 19 years. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics and business and his MBA in accounting and finance from the University of Pittsburgh.

Kaye also stressed to the students the importance of being able to write well and work well with others in an office setting. Following his presentation students were invited to ask questions about Kaye’s experience and the possibilities for careers in forensic accounting.

“For me, this presentation was very insightful because I was able to gain a better understanding of how accountants can help contribute to fraud investigation and in criminal investigation,“ said SAA president Daniel Broadbent. “This is a field of accounting that is really new to me, and it was really interesting to learn more about it as I explore career options.”

Alycia King